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  1. We have a road that is closed to traffic in one direction right now due to bridge construction at the bottom, so we took the opportunity to do some evening cruising down there..
  2. As I said, my assessment is contingent on the reasonable but not universally held view that the bus was passing the rider, and that the rider had therefore been at some point ahead of the bus and visible to the bus driver.
  3. I can definitely come to that conclusion as well, but there is no doubt at all that the double-parked vehicle played a role. But one can't escape the conclusion that if the rider started ahead of the bus then the driver knew the rider was there and this was a purposeful act. We need this video to start three seconds earlier. That would be definitive I think. That video must exist.
  4. Here we have some lanes that are shared by bikes/taxis/buses. Speed limit 50kmh. I was riding down one of these at 40 or so when a bus zoomed up close behind me, blared its horn, then zoomed around me and cut me off in order to stop at a bus stop just 100 meters or so up the road. Essentially the pre-cursor to the worst possible interpretation of what happened here. As a bicycle-class vehicle I had a right to be there, and with the speed I was travelling the bus saved at most a second or two in its route by going around me just to stop immediately a bit up the road. The vast majority of bus drivers are super, but it just takes one idiot to make a headline.
  5. Having watched it a couple of more times, I'd have to agree, the double-parked truck appears to have played a role in this. It looks like the bus and the rider were both planning paths around that parked vehicle. The rider corrects a bit to the left as the bus starts to go to the right, and they are now on a converging path. Rider then has to make an unexpectedly sharp correction back to the right to avoid the bus and goes out of control. The bus looks like it never saw the rider at all, perhaps because the driver had been again, focused on that unexpected obstacle in the road. All that's missing is to know if the bus had a reason to be pulling into the right lane at that point. That's probably addressed in the second video, but I have no idea what's being said there.
  6. I believe the rider was catching up to/passing the bus, not the other way around. However, it's been suggested by others that the bus was overtaking the rider. For that to be true then the rider would have been in front of the bus at some point and therefore visible to the bus driver, hence it would have been a purposeful collision on the part of the bus.
  7. If the bus was passing him then the bus hit him on purpose.
  8. Very sad. A driving lesson I learned a long time ago was never pass a vehicle to its right; applies equally to eucs. Just as we do not know if the act was intentional, we equally do not know that it wasn't.
  9. The options presented were V8 and 14D and so I expressed my opinion on the relative merits of the two, as I happen to own both.
  10. For your use case (short distance, priority convenience) I would recommend 14D over V8. I like the V8, it was my second wheel, but 14D is smaller, has the same speed capability, better trolley handle, and I find it it rides better than V8.
  11. Riding in winter is 90% experience, 10% wheel. Studs aren't needed if you keep the wheel steady when you hit the ice and you keep your nerve and you turn very gently. Here's an old video of my V8 with stock tire carrying a 250lb load (me) across a looong stretch of ice on a local bridge.
  12. The 18xl doesn't have enough range for me these days, and suspension of some kind seems like the way the wheels are going to go. I'll be getting an ex.
  13. Very much looking forward to the result of this.
  14. I've found that the V5F is one of the harder wheels for people to learn on, it's not even in our rotation for our classes any more. V8 is a bit more but we've had great success training people with it and it's a bit easier to sell second hand when it's time to move up to something larger.
  15. I had no idea the camera was in slow-mo mode yesterday (from trying to capture the cat doing something of all things) but I thought this part in particular made for an interesting little snippet.
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