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  1. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    I should mention this is not a slight on Gotway, I am Gotway all the way. Just didn't find a GW wheel that was good as an inexpensive starter wheel to buy in bulk for sharing. Hope to bring in a bunch of Gotway wheels in the future if this project gets any traction at all.
  2. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    I think a lot more people hereabouts would be wheeling if the barriers to entry weren't so high: learning to ride, needing to buy-without-try from a faraway stranger. Several times a week I meet people who really seem like they would to try it out if they could give it a go. A subset of family, friends, co-workers are also curious to try them out and some of these might become riders if some of the logistics around getting into the sport are reduced. I'm putting my thoughts on this to the test by bringing in a few wheels for use as demo / training / rental / sale wheels, establishing a training / demo process, and we'll see what happens.
  3. On my daily commute, having ridden more or less the same route hundreds of times, I ride in work clothes and dress for weather conditions. My priority list for other occasions is 1) knees, 2) hands, 3) elbows. A helmet might be added if I think I am going to be riding on busy streets but this is rare as I can generally get where I am going using bike paths and side streets.
  4. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    This boat has 10 King Song wheels on it, due to arrive in Vancouver on April 15th, eventual destination Edmonton.
  5. winterwheel

    Edmonton Canada

    Planning for the next meetup to be Sunday March 24th. I'm hoping we can do it at the Ritchie location, depending on whether the ice has melted off by then. If not, Brewery district. There might be some people interested in testing out wheels so I'm hoping Ritchie works out.
  6. winterwheel

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Congratulations on hitting the 7,000 milestone! I'm about a week away from hitting 4,000 on my ACM2. Totally agree these are little warriors that do way more than anyone should reasonably ask of them.
  7. winterwheel

    Good news from Germany

    https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-kingston-city-council-declares-a-climate-emergency/ As more cities sign on to the drive to get carbon emissions down, the push to get as many people as possible out of cars will trump the bureaucratic nonsense.
  8. LOCATION: Edmonton DATE: 3/14/2019 TIME: 7am WEATHER: Sunny, -8c DISTANCE TRAVELED: 6km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Gotway ACM2 WHO WAS WITH ME: Fading ghost of winter TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 3,910km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Last cold ride of 2018-19 winter, baby! Hooah! WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Extreme ice conditions at many intersections due to snow melting during the +6c day and freezing into mini ice-lakes over night in -8c. RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Stay calm...you can do this.
  9. winterwheel

    In the news...

    Excellent video, matches my personal experience, although I find that it's wearing goggles that really remove my inhibitions to go faster and push the limit in questionable conditions, more-so than a helmet. The part about cars driving more aggressively when one is visibly geared up matches my experience as well.
  10. winterwheel

    In the news...

    I've noticed that the more gear I wear, the more I fall down. Which is the chicken, which is the egg?
  11. winterwheel

    In the news...

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/12/tech/harley-davidson-ebike-escooter/index.html "It could position something that's branded Harley as an alternative to scooter rental," Sundararajan said. "There aren't many iconic mobility brands. How can Harley take advantage of people radically changing how they transport themselves?" Someone please call Harley Davidson and ask them to consider making EUC's.
  12. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    Odd that they would want to know your the purpose of your trip home, glad you didn't say "to get the heck out of that frozen wasteland". Montreal is actually quite nice although I've only been there a couple of times myself, you are far closer than me.
  13. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    When I'm sharing the road with cars on these miserable days I go as fast as possible so as not to hold them up; they are grumpy enough without some nut on an electric unicycle getting in their way.
  14. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    Yeah, one more week and we should be okay, but next week is probably not going to be very wheel-friendly.
  15. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    The next week is going to be tough as winter winds up. The photo in the middle the is wheel is exactly as I left it, having ridden into a snow drift. The bike trails get very drifty in snow storms so from this point on I rode on the road down the tracks made by very helpful passing vehicles. The left photo is from the morning commute, the larger photo and wheel-log shot are from the ride home.