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  1. In windy conditions you want to make yourself as small as possible; I keep my hands across my waist and might even crouch down a bit to reduce the surface area exposed to the wind.
  2. In winter I ride with feet as far forward on the pedals as possible, and as wide apart as possible. I can't stop very fast, but I don't have to do much leaning to punch through little snow drifts and the wheel can bounce around a bit while still keeping forward momentum.
  3. I've heard that some of the radio stations were talking about it here as well. There's been a whole lot of bad news stories around the cold weather this past week, it's nice they have something nice to talk about for a break.
  4. That was my fear as well, that I'd be presented as a nut, but thankfully the reporter didn't go that way.
  5. That's fantastic news, it sounded like one last little nudge was all that was needed, very glad the story played a part. I'm going to pass this along to the reporter (I know him on twitter now since the story came out). It would be beyond awesome, I would love to figure out how to make something like that work.
  6. From our super-cold commuting last week on Wednesday morning, temp was -29c at the time of shooting this (around 7am).
  7. I've had so much enjoyment out of this I think in a few years, once we have a few more people doing it, it could develop into a full-on winter sport.
  8. Amusingly, another local station ran pretty much the same story today, guy commuting for two years to work, all weather including super cold conditions this week, but about a cyclist.
  9. Here's a pro tip for anyone here who might get interviewed: bring your own list of a few interesting questions along. In my case the reporter wasn't too sure what to ask so I handed him a little piece of paper and he used that as a starting point. I straight up said "I brought along some questions you can ask if you like." He asked a lot of other stuff as well of course, but I think that's why there's actually quite a bit of useful information in the written piece particularly. Also, some of the shots taken in the video, including the bridge shot, were actually suggested by me; he did his thing and then I gently inquired if it might be interesting to get some shots that included the bridge. I kept having to reassure him that it was no problem at all for me to go all the way to middle of the bridge for that long shot. The point of all this is not to toot my own horn, but to let anyone else who might be interviewed know that reporters are sometimes pretty open to getting help doing a story on a subject they know nothing about and that's an opportunity to guide the story in a positive direction.
  10. Regular motorcycle jacket plus shirt and sweater underneath. Long johns, pants, and a light rain shell keep the legs warm. Double socks. Double face covering. And the snowboarding helmet and goggles are the real key. They keep the head warm and the vision clear. On the day we were shooting that piece, even though we were standing around, doing multiple takes, different angles and such, I wasn't remotely cold at any point. Just felt like a normal day in the park. The main thing is not to leave anything exposed when riding or it gets uncomfortable very quickly.
  11. There are two of us riding XL here this winter, and its been perfect for both of us, not just on the road but on unpaved bike trails as well. I pick the ACM2 on snow days only because I've made the tire switch and it feels a bit better to me. But on packed snow and most ice situations it's been awesome. Really compressed snow is just as slippery as black ice on really cold days, with the bonus that it is uneven, such as the ruts you mention. For me, riding far forward on the pedals and with a stance as wide as possible so the wheel can slide around a bit without me losing it are the key. The V8 is a lighter wheel, and I wonder if that may make it a little harder to ride on bumpy surfaces; my theory is that heavier wheels try harder to carry on in a forward direction even when they get bounced around a bit, where lighter wheels might get deflected. My ACM2 is 50+ lbs, and the XL even heavier, and they both seem to handle the conditions pretty well.
  12. Awesome! Really great to hear this, makes my day.
  13. Just to wrap this up, I was scheduled to a live interview for the national news network (CNN type of station for those not in Canada) but it got first delayed, and then cancelled because our Prime Minister decided to hold an unscheduled press conference related to the recent plane crash at the same time as my spot. Oh well.
  14. First, it's awesome to hear that someone else is getting out in winter. Kenda K50 16" tire on the ACM2 is what I use for snow days, and it is a 16x2.125. I picked them up from Canadian tire actually, in the kids bike section. I'm curious to know in conditions you've been having with traction. I did a few ice tests last year with V8 (stock tire) and it seemed to go okay. Then I took it out to Canmore (winter resort) and it worked well on cleared paths but if the snow any depth at all it would grind to a halt and start spinning. If that's your issue as well, I'd love to know if the Kenda tire helps because the V8 is a great little wheel.
  15. As an aside, one of the core members of our little crew here is Polish, and regularly travels back there.
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