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  1. From our first winter group ride in Edmonton, wheels are an RS, three of 18XLs, an MSX. We also tested a Tesla2 and a Sherman, all of the wheels worked great. In these conditions (about -2c), none of us had cold-related issues having the the wheels outdoors continuously for a bit less than two hours.
  2. Posting for a member of our Edmonton contingent... this was a big deal, the first time we've done a group ride in winter conditions. I was very happy to have some company out there. I'm the one one in the green and gold hat.
  3. FWIW I was 250 when I started out on a V5F. V8 was my main wheel for a few months, 16S also. The V5F complained when I went up one particularly steep hill, but allowed me to get off on my own terms. I've moved heavy objects (large barricades) around the neighborhood riding a 16S. I on to bigger wheels now of course, bigger is definitely better, but you can work any of those wheels as a starter wheel. Even an MTen3 works just fine, I have one of those as well.
  4. Just to be a bit contrarian, I think lower pedals are probably better for winter riding. Summer I'm good with whatever, but when you get onto ice I think lower pedals are a bit easier to keep upright. Someday maybe this could be adjustable.
  5. We have a couple of these (EX's) coming, nice to see some positive elements in this review.
  6. I got my RS(t) on Friday night, massive winter snowstorm on Saturday. Five days of winter riding, severe snow and ice, -17 to -3 ambient temps, about 50km so far, this thing rocks in the snow and cold, best wheel for winter I've ridden by a country mile. Previous winter wheels were V8, ACM, ACM2, 18XL. I love being able to hammer through or over snowdrifts I used to get off and walk around. Easy to keep it upright on the slippery sections. The huge pedals let me position my feet wherever they need to be. Battery life has been awesome in the cold. To work and back (13km round trip) and still a
  7. A place to post winter riding videos. Road, off road, as long as long as the ride is in winter conditions of some kind it's good to go in here. Here's one to get started, it's a video I never posted from last year. The wheel is my old ACM2 with a knobby tire on it to give a little more traction and control at speed in the semi-loose snow.
  8. Winter started Saturday morning, about 12 hours after my new RS(t) arrived. So far I've done - a 30km run in -3c (no preheat) on Saturday morning, roads clean, no snow/ice yet - a 7km commute to work in -14c (no preheat) this morning, ice and snow everywhere (15cm was dumped on us on Saturday) - a 7km commute back home in -4c (no preheat) this afternoon, same ice and snow as this morning. (battery: 38% => 27%) The battery is reporting as at 27%. My riding weight with all the winter gear is about 250lb. Worth mentioning that my normal cruising speed
  9. We have two of these coming, so hopefully these things do get corrected.
  10. That link doesn't seem to work.
  11. So it would seem, cold winter air is quite a bit denser than warm summer air.
  12. I'm interested to see how suspension wheels do in winter. My suspicion is they may not do as well because of the higher pedal height, lower would seem to be better if you're trying to hold it steady on a slippery surface. I have an S18 and an EX coming in soon, as well as access to a V11, so we should be able to run some good tests on that. There's another guy here experienced with studding up the tires, we might try some experiments with that as well. We're looking forward to having some kind of meetup with Calgary folk some time next year, long past time for that I think.
  13. Humorous follow up -- I had a student this year whose wife would only allow him to own a wheel if he promised to ride it work *including in the winter*. To his credit, he didn't allow this to stop him and he's already made his first few commutes on his 16x in some wintery/icy weather conditions that blew through last week.
  14. The snow and ice build up and make a massive mess when you bring the wheel indoors, causing much domestic discord and giving your place of work thoughts of banning your device from the building. At both ends I have a bucket where the wheel stays between outdoor excursions. In terms of technical issues, nothing so far. Traction-wise the basic tire performs well enough on all the wheels I've tried. That said, I put a knobby tire on my (backup) 16" ACM2 last year and that made it a blast to do higher-speed off runs through the unpaved paths of the forest. Fantastic when there's a bit of a s
  15. It's perfectly reasonable to expect that you won't have a fall if you continue to ride defensively, on gentle rides back and forth to school or the local grocery store. Certainly that you'll never have cutout. The problem comes because it is pretty much impossible to keep doing that forever; they are just too much fun to ride fast or under difficult conditions.
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