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  1. Just as an update to this. After putting the tire on the ACM2 we had a bit of a hiccup putting it back together, so it needs a bit of repair work now to get it running. But it caused me to realize that there isn't much value to the community at large in riding that wheel this winter since it is a discontinued model. So hopefully I'll be doing a bit of experimenting the the ACM2 here and there if and when we get it running,... ...but my main wheel for this winter -- at least to start -- will be an 18XL. I might switch to a 16S though, as I have two of those and can test two different tires; not sure if I want to put two wheels through winter conditions though, we'll see.
  2. We met up with a River Valley Adventure Segway group on a beautiful late October afternoon. We always give respect to Segways as the original self balancing vehicles.
  3. I am putting a knobby tire onto the ACM2 this winter, at least to start, to see how that changes the ride.
  4. Weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, we'll be doing the regular session at 11am, group ride at 12:15pm at Ritchie Arena. All welcome.
  5. For winter riding I let the tire pressure soften up somewhat.
  6. Just to wrap this up for the moment, the battery is at 10%, I think the charger may be at fault.
  7. Yes, I'll touch base with KS directly tonight and see what they have to say; just trying to get a jump on things if there is a common/known solution. Thanks, very much appreciated.
  8. That sounds like what is happening; is there any remedy for this?
  9. The KS app keeps crashing on him, so I've asked him to install WheelLog and see if he can get a connection that way. For now all I can say repeat what he told me: > Ran his wheel down to zero battery (tilt-back occurring at lows speeds coming up a hill). > Connects charger and the LED stays green, rather than turning red to indicate that charging is occurring. It can't be completely zero, because it seems to balance itself but tilt back immediately if he tries to ride it.
  10. We had a KS-16S run down to completely empty on battery and now it seems like it won't take a charge so it's dead in the water. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. I'm not really a theory guy, I just do stuff and hope for the best, but after many thousands of kms on various wheels I have a couple of thoughts. An (obscure?) turning technique that I call scissor turns applies very much in winter, a little bit in summer when slaloming. This is turning by actually 'scissoring' the legs, which is to say to turn left pull your left leg back and push your right leg forward, opposite of course to go the other way. In winter this technique is great because it allows you to orient the wheel around turns with a minimum of leaning, which of course would be an instant crash on ice. In the summer adding a little bit of this helps to do some very hard carving when slaloming at speed. I find this technique easier and more precise to do with a wider wheel. Also for me, a lot of turning -- again, at speed -- is simply pushing down on the pedal on the side I want to go, letting up a bit of pressure on the opposite side. I feel like there is a lot finer-grain control when doing this when the wheel is wider.
  12. My ACM has been sitting with a flat tire since May while I play with all these pretty KingSongs. Now that winter is coming I can't wait to get that fixed and back on my little ugly duckling of a wheel.
  13. Feels more stable, matches my preferred stance. At the risk of offending pretty much everyone it feels a bit feminine to me to ride with my feet closer together on narrower wheels. When I ride other wheels I ride with my feet positioned as far to the outside of the pedals as I can; ACM2 I don't have to do that. As a city wheel and winter wheel ACM2 can't be beat. I have no problems at all turning or avoiding obstacles.
  14. The width is one of its best features for me.
  15. We demonstrate how to mount, but then give people a feel for riding around the rink so they don't get too frustrated before learning how fun it is.
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