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  1. For only four grand (CAD), you too can travel 15km/hr for 20 kilometers on a 12 inch wheel Electric Treadmill Bike / Racing Motorcycle with Big Tyre. Size is 'free' and best of all, batteries not included. https://www.amazon.ca/SEADOSHOPPING-Electronic-Unicycle-Treadmill-Motorcycle/dp/B07PMWZD9P/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=electric+unicycle&qid=1563283464&s=gateway&sr=8-12
  2. Next group ride is Sunday at 12:15 departing from Ritchie Arena. The usual rink training session will take place at 11:00am for those who wish to participate in that or both.
  3. From our group ride today... at "the end of the world" lookout point over the North Saskatchewan river. The ride was notable as it included 10km or more of intermediate trail riding along the river, including some nice hills in the forest and not too much pedestrian traffic. Wheels are two KS-18XLs and an MSX (not shown).
  4. Not a recommendation, but I've been riding my V8 off on for 18 months including my daily commute for the first three or four months, riding weight 240-255 depending on what I had for breakfast. Never had a cutout. If a V8 is cutting out at 80% battery on a level surface with a 220lb rider I'd personally suspect an issue with that particular wheel.
  5. I'm thinking doing a run from downtown Edmonton out to the International Airport, it'd be about a 30km run each way, doable by most mid- to high-range wheels. We don't need to do any highway to get there, we can do range roads out of Edmonton where there will be minimal traffic. If we could get a few people to do it we might be able to interest the media as a human interest, alternate travel thing. A couple of us took a ride out to the southern edge of Edmonton yesterday, it was an easy, fun ride.
  6. Checking out the KS-18XL's ability to handle any puddles we might encounter on future excursions.
  7. Next Yegwheel meetup is Sunday July 7th at Ritchie Arena. (Check facebook/yegwhel for most up to date details). Training/demos/obstacles in the rink from 11-12, group ride after (at 12:15p), targeting around 30km and intermediate difficulty.
  8. I upgraded from V5F to V8 which was great, but upgraded to an ACM less than three months later. A daily-use wheel needs to be able to 30-35 kmh to be comfortable on bike paths.
  9. I think it must be a timezone thing, because sunset occurs at pretty much exactly the same local time in both places. In any event, I was very surprised to find out that all the Nordic countries are entirely north of us; as the most northerly largish city in North America I just assumed we were on par with southern Sweden, Norway etc. Learn something new every day.
  10. Wow, I had no idea Stockholm was so much farther north than Edmonton. You might want to wait a month or two before attempting a sunrise ride.
  11. It really was, I left at 6am did the whole run and was back for breakfast by 8:30, so I got to see the sunrise as part of it. It was a bit windy when I was on the plain on top, but totally calm in the portions in the valley. Encountered maybe five vehicles in the entire run.
  12. From my tour around the Dinosaur Trail in the Alberta Badlands, I encountered a deer on the way back down from the prairie into the river valley. First long trip of any kind, first serious kms on the KS-18XL.
  13. That's odd, I thought I had done that; maybe a browser refresh is required?
  14. Not offroad. It's a paved road up and back with little detours for sightseeing. I'll have some video later on this week.
  15. Above the Horse Thief Canyon on the Dinosaur Trail in Drumheller, Alberta. First serious (60km) ride on my new KS-18XL. Some very nice hill climbing on this ride, the wheel held up like a champ. This route is a paved road all the way that runs up and back along the river valley, with the occasional side trip to look at the sights.
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