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  1. Another relevant experience... Early evening. Cruising up the shared path beside a road leading into a popular park. By chance riding alongside a red Lamborghini, pristine, going the same way. Two girls walking the other way on the sidewalk, see us both coming towards them. "Fuck the lambo! What is THAT?"
  2. * EX - Everyday wheel, big wheel with suspension, can't live without it. * RS-HT - when I need to carry or tow heavy loads, lots of torque, low pedals relative to suspension wheel are more stable when pulling * EX-N - I need more speed to keep with the boys in the local crew, we've got four now who've passed the 70kmh, my top is only 57 which felt like an achievement at the time... honorary mention: MTen3
  3. My guess is that they're equally happy not to have you as a customer.
  4. 16S is a perfectly fine wheel, it was my main wheel for a few months, I've taught lots of people on them. It absolutely isn't a terrible, twitchy, unstable etc wheel. Its plenty fast enough for casual city cruising. I can see why a vendor wouldn't publish a review that included such egregious misrepresentations of an item from their product line.
  5. I hadn't seen that one, thanks for the link. It's nice to see the fear of outraged safety mavens is starting to fade.
  6. Here's the link to the video for those who want to have a look:
  7. Awesome news! If the Clark connection is real I'll be recommending them to everyone, all the time. Not hard to do, many of the group here are already running Clark stuff. I don't use power pads, but my suspension wheels -- the EX and the S18 -- are both sitting on stands from Clark. Quality and workmanship are really, really good.
  8. Buy a heavy wheel and riding it carefully at first. EX/EXN might be good choices, or RS-HT. Despite all the warnings from non-heavy riders you'll be surprised at how well your wheel will work for you. By riding carefully I mean watch your battery levels, speed acceleration and what not, take it out to some hills and see how it does. Really get to know how it behaves. Once you know the wheel's limits you'll be able to ride worry free.
  9. How dare you reference my favorite bit of literature... At the risk of re-starting something, my point of view is actually fairly simple. Wheels start out as an experiment / hobby / toy for a small number of tinkerers, mostly us older folk with time and money to waste on apparently frivolous projects. We are coming to the end of this time. Now we have a wide spectrum of wheels that can ride comfortably in many situations - from an MTen3 as an awesome mobility device in a large indoor space, to Monster Pro or Sherman than ride with cars and and travel modestly spaced cities if n
  10. For me the discussion is less about the future of wheeling and more about the place of this group in it. It was a great resource in the early days, but now the vitriol and hostility that are presented when one has a contrary view are over the top. The idea that people here are changing the world of euc riding by criticising videos and anyone who isn't equally enraged by their existence of those videos is, for me, laughable. Everyone's going to do what they're going to do. The people who make the videos, the people who don't mind those videos, the people who associate with riders who appe
  11. Everyone thinks that's a great photo -- the tiny MTen juxtaposed with the relatively massive ebus. Is that posted on social media anywhere? I'd love to share it to a wider audience.
  12. Too bad, really sorry we missed you. It seemed to go pretty well. Well enough for sure that we'll be doing it again, not exactly sure when though. Some OneWheel folk came out both from Edmonton and Red Deer so we had some pretty decent numbers in the end. Having the ASHOF as a base worked out very well also.
  13. Not to sidetrack things but yeah, the KS wheels are definitely tougher than the Gotway wheels. Bits of the Teslas are always falling off; while they go back together quite easily I'll likely sell those off and go with all KS for 16" wheels next year. I try to guess what will break on the wheels and buy the parts that will be needed to fix them up over the winter. Cosmetic damage I don't care about, in fact I inflict some intentionally so renters will not be so inclined to try to grab and save the wheel in an unplanned-dismount situation. "Save yourself not the wheel" is a mantra I really try t
  14. I'll rent out pretty much any of my wheels except the RS, I have only one of those and it is my towing wheel; even the EX is available as I have two. That said, my main rental items come from my stock of 5 MTen3, 3 Tesla2, 3 14d, 2 16S, as well as the S-18 because it is quite popular and which I don't use because I don't trust it to carry me the way I ride.
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