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  1. I don't mind seeing videos of the work in progress for new wheels.
  2. All the pedals are 8" long or longer, none of them are 5.5" wide. All about 5" wide.
  3. No one's mentioned that many of us have offset foot position -- one forward and one back. Smaller pedals would make it more difficult to ride this way.
  4. Didn't realize that was a serious request, I'll check them later today; they're the standard pedals that come with KS 14d/16s, gw-RS, gw-ex etc.
  5. I've found they are very susceptible to getting flat tires, although I can't say for certain that is a rider-weight issue.
  6. For such a short commute, on a route that would be well known to me because it was being ridden every day, I'd wear no gear whatsoever.
  7. I have a basketful of factory pedals I have taken off wheels, some KS, some GW, and replaced with larger pedals. Anyone who is convinced by any arguments made here that they need smaller pedals that they have now, I'll be happy to let them go for cheap.
  8. Some do, thus far I have not. I'd like to try some day but every time a cyclist tells me that he fell off his bike even with studded tires I put that experiment a little farther into the future. Riding super hardcore ice is about nerve; as long as you stay focused and remember that all you need to do is stay still on the wheel, most ice can be navigated. Lower pressure on the tires I'm sure is a big part of that success as swell.
  9. I have whole playlist of winter videos... on the yegwheel channel... here's a nice relaxing one shot on the V8:
  10. I keep an eye on the temperature; start warm, the commute is only 6kms, the goal is to get to work before things cool down to the point of being a problem.
  11. -33c is my coldest commute, not counting windchill which at 40kmh riding speed takes it down to -51c.
  12. Off road 30-35 km/h, bike paths 40-45, on roads with cars 45-50.
  13. This is very very very very far from my experience. Quite a few people come to me for lessons with commuting as their intended application. In my area at least, success is more common than failure in this regard. It may help that they are coming to a semi-formal school to take training and learn properly of course, that'd be a difference here vs most other places.
  14. It does happen to a much lessor extent on larger wheels, a couple of us learned on V5F back in the day and had sore ankles to prove it, but on those it's just a matter of pedals bumping into ankles when stepping off into the path of the wheel. The MTen3 is a whole different ballgame. When it falls over and the tire hits the floor in that instant before it cuts out (due to falling over), it turns into a bouncing little demon wheel and the entire shell -- including pedals -- goes on the attack. It can do a 360 rotation and bang into your leg before you even realize what is happening.
  15. Excellent suggestion, exactly what I'm looking for, thanks! I'll be ordering a test set shortly to see how well they work. Seems like they only come in one size, at least on amazon.
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