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  1. I can't speak to how the 16X would work in the winter, we don't have one of those up here yet. On the 18XL side, it works fine in heavy duty winter conditions -- there are actually two hard-core winter riders on 18XL here now, both using the stock summer tire. I switch to the ACM2 with knobby tire on snow days, but the other guy doesn't. The only problem we both have is turning on super slippery ice, but that's going to be a problem no matter what wheel you have. My view is that a wide tire is good for ice, a narrow and/or knobby tire is good for snow. I believe a wide, smooth tire might give you problems on snowy days, but I can't say that I have verified that with personal experience.
  2. There are quite a few riders in Edmonton, we have a core group that meets every week with anywhere from four to twelve riders, but there are many folk around who aren't part of our group as well. I think there are at least 50 wheel riders up here, maybe more.
  3. When the dust settles a bit on this virus thing we should try to get Calgary and Edmonton together for a group ride.
  4. winterwheel

    Wet Wheel

    Just thought I'd share this in case someone might be dealing with same issue in the future. We had a wheel (KS-16S) get very severely wet, ridden and left outside in the rain and the wheel stopped working; wouldn't turn off or on, just an odd combination of blinking lights. The wheel was opened up and left to dry. Now it seems to be working fine again.
  5. Not too surprising the police would be giving these things tickets. People have been known to ride them in bike lanes here, which is pretty scary for everyone.
  6. I had such great plans for this MTen3 but then I lost it to this lady. She learned on a V5F, then ran my V8 for a while, then she was on a KS-16S, ambivalent about all of them. She was really liking a 14D that she was training on (indoors) through the winter, and that was looking pretty good. But when this little guy showed up she tried it out and within five minutes she told me I was going to have to buy another one. She loves the control she has to do tight turns and go super slowly when she has to, as she does with the pedestrians in the video.
  7. I bought an MTen3 and Mrs. Winterwheel won't let me ride it -- because it is her wheel now. She absolutely loves that thing. I meant to post this advice earlier, but anyone having trouble getting their significant other to ride should give them a cute little white wheel that is ultra-maneuverable and doesn't demand to be ridden at high speeds.
  8. Normally that'd be us too, weather's been a bit freaky this year. We expect to get back up to normal on Thursday.
  9. A bit of the winter trail riding from this morning.
  10. Did someone say snow? Normally we're at +8c at this time of year but Mother Nature decided to drop a curveball on us. I used to be a decent skier, today was pretty much like having a groomed run down on a decent mountain slope.
  11. That's a pretty crazy tire you have on there.
  12. In my city this is an *awesome* time to get comfortable with riding on the streets with traffic... because there is very little traffic these days, even in rush hour. I'm eschewing the bike lanes in favor of normally-busy streets for all my ride time now. Absolutely no reason to be riding on any sidewalks while the quarantine is going on. Also, walking around is about the only activity people have right now, there are a few more pedestrians than usual in the residential areas.
  13. Electric unicycles are definitely far safer than OneWheels.
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