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  1. winterwheel


    I'm very glad you haven't retired your non-360 camera. The videos from the Insta are great, but I also really love the clean quality of this setup.
  2. winterwheel


    I really like this video, seems like it really captures what it is like to be riding those boards around. Curious to try one now.
  3. winterwheel


    Having been on the other end of criticism from time to time it can be disheartening to have the awesome product of your labor (seemingly) ridiculed. My suggestion would be not to provide criticism of peoples efforts unless they ask for it. If I thought someone was producing rotten but well-intentioned content, I would just refrain from commenting at all. That said, quitting is almost always the wrong way to go, and deleting all of one's videos seems like an over-reaction. (In case @outcast00096 returns to and reads this, I appear to have liked your videos... I wish I could see them to remind me what they were.)
  4. winterwheel

    Edmonton Canada

    I put a very brief video with the drone footage in the video thread.
  5. winterwheel


    A very short video from our ride this evening; the drone was the only operational camera for this one.
  6. winterwheel

    Edmonton Canada

    From our evening ride tonight, photo taken with a drone this time. Next Sunday (Oct 21) is our next big adventure, at noon starting from Jamie Platz in the west end. The route we will be taking (thanks @Edmkingsong for researching this and planning it out) looks to be 20-25 km or so.
  7. winterwheel

    The Photo Thread

    From our group ride tonight. We used a drone to take our standard wave this time. The wheels are scattered around our feet.
  8. winterwheel


    ? This is the first time I've heard anyone say anything bad about the stitching for GoPro.
  9. winterwheel


    I had it out last year when I was still on the V8 and had it follow me around a huge field experimentally, pretty sure I was going 20-25 range, but I had it following from quite a distance. A second experiment from closer range it seemed to get a bit confused, but this was in a demo situation so I didn't have time to really assess what was happening. I parked it after that. I have not tried it under any other scenarios yet. Firmware has had several updates so it might be better. Planning to do some more experiments this evening and on our weekend trip, so I'll update this if I learn anything.
  10. winterwheel


    Got the Mavic out of mothballs today hopefully to use on our weekend group ride, and thought I should post this as video evidence that winter has *not* actually started yet up here.
  11. winterwheel

    Edmonton Canada

    Okay, tomorrow at 5:30 at Ritchie is fine. I've been working on getting the drone going, so it will be nice to have a bit more time to play with it before we go on the official west end ride.
  12. winterwheel


    Okay I misunderstood; I had thought your remark was still in the context of your video.
  13. winterwheel


    The video views much differently understanding the action is taking place in a bike lane. Also, that low-to-the-ground perspective always makes speed look a lot faster than it actually is.
  14. winterwheel

    Edmonton Canada

    Sounds great to me, I'll try to be there at 5:30. I used to live in West Edmonton Village, so it'll be nice for me to tool around there a bit. 20km is short enough I should be able to get there on the wheel with enough juice left to do the tour. I'm at 24xx km on the ACM2, there's a decent chance I could get to 2500 on Wednesday if I put in a few kms tomorrow.
  15. winterwheel


    Very nice video. May I ask what are the "PEVRA safety signals" that are mentioned in there. I've looked around a bit and I can't seem to find anything about them.