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  1. Windchill is a given when one is flying around at 40km an hour in frigid temps, but it's all good with the right gear. Ski ,snowboard etc. or motorcycle gear all work great.
  2. Amazingly Edmonton has a small cadre of hard-core winter riders now. We've got one guy taking a V11 through some fairly extreme single track winter mountain bike trails, another is running an 18xl with studded tires through a lot of the same stuff. And we've got another guy with a Sherman holding his own as well. One thing we have learned is that the absolute worst tire for winter riding is the street tire for the Sherman. The knobby does decently well though. But I still have 'em all beat for braving ultra-cold conditions though, they're a bit wimpy when the temp goes below -20c.
  3. I'd love to find a wheel that could carry a 245 kg load around city streets at 50mph , but well noted.
  4. I've been riding my EX for about a week now, lots of that tracking through mushy snow and icy surfaces. So far it's been fantastic, it finally feels like a wheel that's made for my size (~245 riding weight right now) and is totally comfortable riding on downtown streets with cars. There's a big difference between cruising at 40ish and 50ish when trying to keep up with traffic. I don't find I need power pads, it just took a couple of days to get used to getting hard accelerations / brakes out of it. So far no issues with the bearings, although I've done a bearing replacement on the RS I g
  5. I'm happy with the EX trolley handle, works fine, feels solid.
  6. Winter riding is whole new kind of adventure. We don't just do street riding these days but we do winter off-roading group rides too. It's actually pretty awesome to be out in the woods with your wheel on a nice winter day, a couple of degrees below freezing, sun shining; it's close to a skiing vibe. We have about 28 kms of groomed winter trails in Edmonton river valley as well, for more relaxed winter riding.
  7. From yesterday, posting for a friend.
  8. Posting for a member of our Edmonton contingent. The single track MB trails are easier to ride in winter than summer as it turns out, as the snow levels out all the bumps. Wheels are two Shermans, two V11s, and an S-18.
  9. Posting for a member of the Edmonton cadre, our first winter group ride, complete with some single track through snowy forest mountain bike trails. We did about 25kms in all. Wheels were two V11, two Sherman, and one S-18.
  10. In my particular incident I agree with you on this, I'm from a football family, I draw the same comparisons between football collisions and EUC unplanned dismounts all the time. But I suppose a lot of this discussion seems to be about visibility, and I think I presented a case where the relatively higher visibility of an EUC (another point I agree with) doesn't help to avoid severe collisions. Staying off sidewalks mitigates this.
  11. Just because someone said full-speed EUC collisions with immovable objects never happen... I had a full speed, full-frontal collision with a car. In the early days I would ride on sidewalks, normally carefully, but this time I was in a real hurry to get to meetup point at designated time. So, absentmindedly doing 30-35km/h riding on sidewalk. Because it is a busy main street there were high fences that prevented seeing what was coming out of the alley-ways. Young guy in an old beater emerged suddenly from the alley and stopped equally suddenly to wait for traffic right across the sid
  12. Interesting idea but for me it wouldn't work; I need the traction for getting on and off the wheel on icy surfaces. The first winter there were a couple of times when I was happily riding on ice, cruised to a gentle stop, then fell over in a heap as soon as I stepped off the wheel. I might try something like that in summer though, it might be a good way to experiment with this new trend to spiky pedals for off-roading and such. I should say that replacing grip tape once in a while isn't a big deal.
  13. I wear some variation of ice cleats on any day where I might encounter ice or snow. The only down side is they grind away at your pedals so you'll have to put new grip tape on eventually, and they might feel a bit weird at first. The upside is I never worry about mounting/dismounting from slippery surfaces or having a mountain of snow build up on my pedals. These are just an example, I have used many different types: https://korkers.com/collections/ice-cleats/products/ice-cleats?variant=24522142187620
  14. Also I'm expecting some wheels at that time.
  15. Interesting foot placement, quite far forward, especially at the beginning of the video (e.g. 2:45); I'm guessing that's to help accelerate...? Seems like it would make braking a bit harder but it doesn't look like an issue in the video. My EX's will be here mid January.
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