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  1. For me the best is ACM2 + Kenda K50 tire for snow/ice days. But that isn't that helpful to anyone because ACM2 is discontinued.
  2. Awesome! Winter riding is 90% mental, and I mean that in the good sense.
  3. 5" of fresh snow is a lot for sure. I've done close to that with the ACM2 and summer tire, the bouncing around would happen because under the snow there are hardened grooves made by people who have come before. This year, having upgraded to an off-road tire, I find this is hardly an issue at all, it feels like the tire is grabbing the snow in front and pulling me along. I feel like the XL with a proper winter-friendly tire would be phenomenal, but I want to keep it as pristine as I can for next summer, so all snow days I take the ACM2 out. I took a V8 out last January to the mountains, it also was fine on the hardpacked stuff, but as soon as I hit anything deep it would just sink in and start spinning; the summer tire was worthless on that occasion. I'm curious to do it again, this time with the ACM2 equipped properly. I will say that on those days when I do take the xl (such as today, when it is cold but there no new snow) it handles the occasional slippery conditions (normally snow packed down to a solid, bumpy, slippery surface) just fine, even with the summer tire. Three of us actually went out a week ago on big wheels -- two XLs, one MSX, and we all navigated some ice sections we encountered without drama. For the MSX it was first time riding over ice, so that it was nice to see that nothing bad happened. But that's more about ice than snow, so not all that relevent I suppose.
  4. Testing out our new indoor training center.Hopefully this will allow us to keep some momentum going over the next few cold months of winter.
  5. About -27f. The ACM2 starts cooling down in temps about -18c with me (heavy) riding, but my commute is short, 20-25 minutes on a day like this. The 18XL seems to cool down a lot quicker (at about -6c), I haven't done any formal tests but I not confident the xl would have made it without a blanket or something to keep it from getting so cold. On this day, even the ACM wouldn't have been good for a lot further. (6.5km)
  6. Here's half of our ride today, (the ride back). There was a stop for a beverage in there somewhere middle. https://euc.world/tour/581005722792172
  7. Cool! I hadn't been into the web app yet, that works fine. Thanks that's super useful.
  8. Awesome guide. I wear a three layer motorcycle jacket. It has an outer shell with elbow pads (it had many more pads, but I removed everything except the elbow pads, since that's what needs protection if the wheel drops out from under you on unexpected ice.) It has a waterproof layer layer that actually is awesome for keeping the wind out, and an inner quilted layer for warmth. When I get to work I peel off the outer shell and the rain layer is wearable around the office during the day. Amazingly, I wear the same jacket on the hottest days of summer down to -30 days in winter, just by adjusting layers. (Although I add a sweater in winter's super-cold days). The Land's End jacket would be is a little too dark for me; much winter riding is done in the dark around car drivers who are often peering through partially scraped and foggy windshields. You want something that really stands out. The other thing to mention is that you want something that isn't too difficult to clean. Jackets get super grimy riding wheels over the course of the winter season.
  9. I really would like to see a last-mile version of EUC -- ride it to a transit point, embark, disembark, ride to work. Range doesn't matter for this, but top end speed does as the commute will often be on roads shared with cars. If I could cast 1000 votes for the extra 5mph I would. On the issue of would you really travel at higher speeds on a small wheel the answer is unequivocally yes. The thing about the commute is that it is the same every day, so you get to know every bit of it in intimate detail -- where to go fast, where to go slow, where you have to deal with cars, what the cars are doing etc. Once the rider knows the wheel and the route he'll find that the lower speed limit on the wheel is a problem.
  10. We had a onewheel rider in our group this year. It looked like fun, but we really had to scale group rides back when he came out -- had to ride at low speed and much shorter distances than normal, couldn't do hills as well, the list goes on. There are definitely use cases for it, riding sideways on a wheel would be useful when taking video of something for example, and it seems to work well for short commutes/last mile scenarios, but on basic utility we learned that the onewheel is nowhere close to euc.
  11. I just started using the app yesterday (didn't know it was out there until an update showed up on my facebook feed). It is awesome! Going to be super help in promoting wheels and recording group activities. It's fantastic as it is but if you're looking for ideas for enhancements, the ability to see a graph of temperature over the course of the ride would be extremely useful. For winter riding the biggest unknown is how the wheel is responding to ambient temperature. The XL for example starts cooling down at about -6c, where the ACM2 seems able to maintain its temperature down to about -18c. Regardless, this will be the primary app for all our wheel activities from now on.
  12. Awesome video! Takes wheels on ice to a whole new level.
  13. The main issue is that it has to be okay with getting snow/wet/grime on it. If it was washable then I think sure. The tricky part is that you don't want to cover the lights, as one is often travelling in the dark when commuting in the winter.
  14. Quick and dirty cut of a little bit of my commute this morning. First commute with the now-repaired ACM2 having an off-road tire instead of the stock tire used last winter. I've put the XL away, the ACM2 with this tire is far easier to ride in these conditions. The road doesn't look slippery to walk on because I have studs on my shoes.
  15. The ride in on the ACM2 this morning was awesome, no issues at all. With the off-road tire on it feels much more stable than it did last year and having the ability to plow through small snow-drifts and berms makes it spectacular fun. Plus being a heavy, wide wheel with a low centre of gravity makes it ideal for winter I think. The XL is put away for the winter, sometime in the future when I have one to spare I'll put a winter tire on it and see how it does.
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