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  1. Yeah, extreme cold is easy, you just need to dress up a bit more and make sure not to leave the wheel outside when not riding it. Ice is generally easy too -- just be aware when you're on it and be super cautious turning. Accumulated snow is a bit of a pain for me, my efforts pale in comparison to people like Chooch Tech above who takes on snowdrifts that I would try very hard to go around.
  2. In my first year I was investigating something similar and might even have bought something like this except the company that made them seemed to be out of business. I know better now, although I think it would make for a very amusing video to see a wheel rattling down the street with chains on.
  3. Sometime in the future I plan to experiment with putting a blanket over the wheel to see if the temp stays up. Today for example, the 18XL dropped to 5c by the time I got to work (-27c ambient at the time). It would be nice to know I could ride further than that if I wanted.
  4. That's awesome to hear... especially that you had success with it. @mrelwood has answered your too-cold question far better than I ever could. I tend to be conservative as well; if the wheel temp gets below 0 I'm bringing it inside to warm up. For me grips for the shoes are an absolute necessity, I never ride without them in winter. It's great to know you can step off the wheel onto ice with confidence, or be less worried about snow build up on the pedals. Something similar to this works great. Anything heavier-duty is too much.
  5. Paying attention is the key. I don't go down often, but on those occasions that I do it is because I was distracted by traffic, a pedestrian, looking for friends up ahead etc., and not realizing that I had ventured onto ice until too late to recover.
  6. On the occasion of my 600th consecutive day taking a wheel to work instead of a car, bus, or whatever. Fitting that it is a snow day today given that the (slight) majority of trips have been in October-March timeframe. Six different wheels used at different times ranging from V5F at the start to the 18XL most days today. I figure I'll hit 1,000 in the summer of 2022, depending on vacations and whatnot.
  7. I switch my vote to ACM2, even thought it is my secondary winter wheel these days, just to give it a bit of love.
  8. Interesting. Assuming dryness correlates to to humidity our snow in Edmonton would be about as dry as dry can be, as we have the second-lowest humidity in the country, after Calgary.
  9. I'm riding much faster than bikes with studded tires in all icy conditions with just the stock tire on the XL, so I really don't need to go any faster. This is true for both of us winter riders here, we had another guy (not on this forum) go for a 22km fun ride on an ice day last weekend. The only time we have to really slow down is if I come upon a patch of really deep, loose, sandy snow. So the case I am making is that, out of the box, our devices are at least as good as bicycles for getting around in the winter, and most days much better. There are rare days when bikes are better, but on most difficult days I'm blowing by the few bikes that are out there with me. This is not to try and switch bike riders over, but so that people who wouldn't ride bikes in the winter have another, possibly better, option. I keep harping on this not to be argumentative, but because I don't want people to think they *have* to do tricky and/or time-consuming mods to their wheels to enjoy winter riding. That said, if I could put factory studded tires on these wheels I'd be all over it, I'd love to try a Kenda Klondike Wide or Marathon Ice Spiker Pro HS just to see how they perform, but they don't seem to be making those in the sizes we need yet.
  10. My two starter wheels having been Inmotion wheels, I for one would love to see them take wheels as seriously as Gotway and KS do.
  11. I wonder sometimes if MSX needs a little more help with grip because of the pedal angle. Both my proven winter wheels have much flatter pedals by comparison.
  12. We've found that better traction on a big wheel is only really needed it if you are going to be riding in deep snow (or on ice under a layer of water we've now learned). The rest of the time the tire holds up pretty well. I wear studs on my shoes all winter long; they provide an awesome grip on the pedals and on ice when I am mounting or dismounting. Before I did that I would gracefully cruise into a stop, then quite ungracefully fall over when I dismounted onto the ice, my shoes/boots finding no purchase on the slippery surface. Yes, the studs gradually grind the grit () off the pedal surface, but that's a minor quibble. That grit doesn't really provide any value to me these days anyway.
  13. The dirty details around banning people is quite happily left to moderators, that's why they are there. There are un-moderated boards out there for people who prefer to go that way. Posters here are lucky that moderators are as forgiving as they are; I've never seen a forum where there is a much debate around handling problem posters as this one.
  14. Two of us have been riding XL's up here in Edmonton all winter long with the stock tire. For city riding at least, that's all one needs.
  15. Banning someone from a forum isn't bullying.
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