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Leather ninebot one E+ for sale

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OK i'm selling kits that you can buy and apply to your bots. There are three versions gold silver and bronze. Gold is custom leather like kangaroo ostrich gator and more with option of logos and embellishment with a price point of $95 -100 or a little more depending on cost of materials and shipping.The silver is standard leather black,white,red,brown,tan,blue and gray also available in various colors for $80 plus shipping. Bronze is non leather materials. Like foe leather and printed materials like camo flags and images for a lower price of  $40 plus shipping. Worldwide shipping possible.The set includes the foot pads battery cover and mother board cover is included. plus the triangle on the handle bar also. Its an adhesive backing on the leather. It is perfectly cut to shape and size, Instructions includes all the proper steps to apply and remove product. I will be able to do this for other euc's soon. I want to meet people with different wheels that are located in NYC. If we meet i can make precise measurements for different models,and create master for those models. anyone thats interested will be able to get there own leather kit at a reduced price



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