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  1. I have Ninebot E+ parts for sale. If your interested shoot me a message more pics soon. woooooooowwwww I have so much parts a literal mountain lol my loss your win. Enough to build three ninebot E+. The parts are two housings three motherboards two batteries 6 outer housings six led black rings 4 led strips one purple outer housing two sets of ankle rubbers one set of peddles and one extra peddle two sets of cushions two innertubes two tires and a lot more
  2. I have two ninebot E+ batteries for sale like new also parts for e+ if your interested shoot me a message pics soon.one is new and the other one is used about a year of charges on the used one. new one has only been charged once both have full capacities 250 for the new one 175 for the used one shipping not sure. woooooooowwwww i have so much parts a literal mountain lol my loss your win.
  3. just ordered the trolley hand and stand for S2 will add pics when i get it
  4. hey i have a board i can sell for parts 50 bucks plus shipping if your interested its from my old e+ the a axle broke plus i have to e+ batteries best offer takes them.
  5. Thanks will definitely checkout my local area and see if i can get this done i live in nyc has have someplace to do it. if it works i will have two euc
  6. mine broke yesterday sad i had it for two years. upgraded to s2 today. get a new motor only way to fix it so far
  7. no you have to request a new A.C# when you obtain a new motherboard its just a few emails though waiting on one myself
  8. its amazing with 55 psi it full control like a different machine than 40 psi. the ninebot can work with a load up to 390 lb without fail but any thing above 300 is taking a risk keep that in mind. stay safe ride smart
  9. My E+ rider specs: Fatness: 315lbs Speed: 20-22kph Range: 19 km from 100% down to 5% battery tire pressure is 55 psi.
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