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  1. I saw 2 connectors the yellow one is the power from the battery to the motor and it was NOT this one.
  2. Sorry I didn’t ... but it was kinda obvious ...
  3. I finally opened and found something that was disconnected. I reconnected back and now it works fine same as before !
  4. Hi , my v8 took a little a fall because of a pedestrian... since that 1- the battery indicator doesn’t show up anymore when charging. 2- the Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect when I turn off the unit manually. I have to quit the app on the phone for completely disconnecting. 3- I can’t turn off the wheel with the app anymore. has someone got those problems before !? I will probably open it and check the wire this weekend.
  5. Why do people have to reach out to their seller? Maybe I misunderstood but What about those who don’t go to any forum discussions? I don’t have any issue but I never got any official email from anyone. I heard about issues only through the forum. But what if i don’t have internet ? Plenty of riders don’t come on the forum.... And they still don’t know if they didn’t buy from INMOTION USA.
  6. Me too.. I would be extremely happy if I didn’t read about all those issues. The french forum is much more quiet regarding those issues
  7. What are those several improvements beside the weather proofing fix?
  8. Very good idea , I’m in! i like the kit option with new pedals.
  9. erasing flash ??? At least does the acceleration improve ? I think that was supposed to be 1 of the new features ...
  10. I think you have to put the wheel in a certain state/position to access the turning forwarding adjust functionality as far as I remember.
  11. Got the same sensation once on my v5F+ out of nowhere, I just re-calibrated everything and it got fixed right away ! I suspect the update to mess up a bit with the customized settings or something like that ! Nothing serious ! I will update mine this weekend too.
  12. Did you try to recalibrate? or do the the turning and forwarding adjustment ? I got this issue once on v5F and it fixed it right away ! I will update soon my v10F too. P.
  13. good point ! finally the v8 trolley handle design remains the best to me !
  14. Having tried both v10F and KS18L, I think that KS has some serious chances to seduce me: 1. the look of the black KS18L is very good. 2. they put some thoughts on the trolley handle, I really liked the design and the mechanism 3. The KS18L is lighter, shorter and more maneuverable. I think most of the wobble sensation on the v10F comes from the high center of gravity of that heavy wheel. 4. in terms of specs, to me they are mostly equivalent except a bit more top speed on the KS. But I managed to go over 25mh without tilt back with he v10F. I would say on the long run, for me the trolley handle and weigh are more important than top speed or acceleration, and it worths the 400 difference, but I might get it a discount price hopefully. don't get me wrong, v10F is a great wheel. I still hope inMotion will update the firmware though to address the acceleration and braking.
  15. My 2 cents I'm not a gotway person but I honestly think that inMotion could have done a better job on some certain points. Don't get me wrong, I like it, especially the wider tire, the app, the behavior of the wheel. 1. Trolley handle: The v10F is too heavy for that trolley handle. the v8 (or KS18L) trolley handle is much more convenient. 2. Center of gravity: I found the center of gravity of the v10F very high and it has an impact on the time I needed to adjust my riding style. 3. Speed: I don't really mind too much about the speed as long as I can cruise 20mh at least comfortably so I would say the specs are great ! 4. I understand that more space were needed for that big battery, but I would rather get a little bit wider wheel than higher. Hopefully they will come up with a new trolley handle design .....
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