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Maplin UK are selling Airwheels


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I was having a look at Maplins website and stumble upon a section of their site which is selling "Air Wheels".

The "Air Wheels" are only available from Maplin on their web site and are not stocked in store.

Models they are selling are - Dual Wheel "Q1" , "Q3" & "Q5"

                                               Single Wheel "X32 & "X8"   

                              Segway style stand on "S3"

                                                      Airboard 1.0

They also sell Air Wheel carry bags and training wheels.


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They actually sell them in the high st Kensington branch. 


Would never get one but nice to see them there. The area around Hyde park is full of people (usually wealthy Arabs) riding those phunkee duck things so I think that maplins are probably trying to cater for that. They sell those phunkee things too.

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Nice to know they got them in some stores.

Their web site stated it was just internet orders only, maybe they have started selling well and have started to put them in store, or possible because Chrimbo isn't that far away.

If retail stores in the UK are selling them, I expect we will see a lot more EUC riders in the UK in the next year but I guess many of those riders will wish they knew about "Electric unicyle Forums" beforehand and had chosen a different wheel rather than that which is proffered by the high street big boys.

It also seem strange to me that they didn't go the "Ninebot One" route.

Personally I would have liked to see them selling King Song,  IPS and Gotway and I still have my eye on getting a IPS/Xima Lhotz,  although that could change with the release of 

some of the new 16" wheels coming out this autumn.

Those Phunkee things are not my cup of tea, posing around in the park just to be seen,nah not my style, I think of them as "Mall Crawlers" due to them needing pretty flat surfaces and having a short battery capacity.

 I am still  saving funds to buy my first EUC but I already know a EUC is the only way forward for me as far as terrain and mileage are concerned and they look like so much more fun.

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Dude, are you deliberately posting in wrong forum, or can't you read...

This is something i came across on the internet and thought I would share it in "General Discussion" because it is not a "Review" or an "Impression"  is it not about a "Mod" or "Repair" or an "Impression" it is also not about a "Local Meet Up" or "Private Sales" it is also not an "Advertisement" or a "Promotion" if I owned "Maplin" I think the  advertising would be covered by my advertising team :P and it is not "Off Topic".

Weather someone can read is none of your business and if you have a concern about it , maybe you could be more magnanimous about it and try and be a little more understanding and show the kind and helpful spirit that this forum is known for.

If a mod deems this not to be in the right section then they will move it.

Sometimes people make mistakes , that is just part of life, there is not one among us who hasn't done something completely stupid at some point and had a "Doh" moment, personally I don't see this as one of those moments.

If you think this thread is in the wrong place please contact a mod to put it in the correct part of the forum, rather that making personal remarks, thank you for you understanding in this matter.




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