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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, We have all read in the media today that UK is clamping down on self balancing devices! Lets try to put a stop to this and show our unity on this matter. Let's try to change the law...!!! l have came a across this petition set up by Steve Miltion. If it gets over 80,000 signatures it will be discussed on the House of Commons! Let's start signing! Please let's spread the word on social media and get the numbers we need! Let's do it for EUC! Thank you for your support #UKridesEUC ---------------------- Allow the usage of self-balancing scooters on public footways and cycle lanes Electric transporters can reduce the number of buses and cars on the streets. Due to the Section 72 of Highway Act 1835, on 12th of October Crown Prosecution Service released a guidance under which the usage of hoverboards and electric unicycles on the public streets would be illegal. Electric unicycles and hoverboards are safe and emission-free transportation devices that have gained popularity in the UK and worldwide since 2012. The devices are portable, they do not require any parking space, and also have restricted speed. Normal riding speed does not exceed running speed. There is a UK manufacturer producing high-quality, stable and safe electric transporters. This company created jobs for over 50 people and represents a significant innovation in transport industry. Click this link to sign the petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/signatures/3689753/verify/jFFUC1F5dv6kEngpgz
  2. So we kinda knew this already but I saw this article today and thought it wouldn't be long before the issue of these was addressed 'officially' no surprise at the boring no-fun-allowed response we get here in the UK. Thoughts? http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a673228/its-illegal-to-ride-hoverboards-in-public-police-crack-down-on-segway-spin-offs.html#~pqTOZHKGM5i3ZC http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/p_to_r/road_traffic_offences/#dot
  3. Hi All I have been riding now for a few years and it starting to get a bit lonely so If anybody is local to SW London and would like Meet and ride, I have some great routes, let me know!!
  4. Jonathan Tolhurst

    Wanton and furious driving

    I have been following a UK court case relating to the extremely sad and tragic death of a pedestrian who died as a result of being hit by a cycle that was not road legal (In the UK bikes have to have a front brake which the cyclist's bike did not have although these "Fixie" bikes are quite common in London). The reason for my interest is that the cyclist was prosecuted under a very old (1861) offence of causing GBH by "wanton and furious driving". This offence appears to be used when it is not possible to prosecute under modern road traffic laws; apparently, it was originally created to deter people from driving horse carriages recklessly. I am not sure if it could ever be applicable to EUCs, although its use (and the use of the 1835 Highways Act) does suggest that modern laws need to be written in the UK to reflect current and future modes of transport. It's a really tragic case and my heart goes out to the family of the pedestrian who was killed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-41034492 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41036581
  5. Looking for riders to join me on the "Ride the lights night" here in Blackpool on the 30th August from 7pm to 10pm The whole promenade road is closed to traffic from Bispham to Star Gate and open for bikes of all types. I'll be on my Ninebot One http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html Put your name down if your coming along so we can ride as a group. You don't have to do all of the ride just any part.
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick word as a representative of Project42 UK. We are currently 2-3 weeks away from receiving the new batch of Kingsong KS16S and KS14S models. Exciting to test and ride these ourselves, but also to start pushing this brand in the UK again. If you want to support the local retailer, get a smashing deal on warranty and spares provision, customer support with the quickest response time - just drop me a message or write your feedback down below. The first 10 to pre-order are guaranteed 10% discount and free next day signed delivery across the UK.
  7. Juggler

    UK Fylde coast riders

    Thought I would set up a new forum for any new or old Fylde Coast riders to arrange meetups. There was a NW forum but it has died a death.
  8. Jonathan Tolhurst

    Is there an EUC Lobby Group in the UK

    Does anyone know if there a group that is actively lobbying for electric unicycles to be recognised as a legal form of transportation in the UK? If not, would anyone be potentially interested in participating in a group set up for this purpose? I know there is a petition on the UK parliament website, but realistically just getting people to sign a petition isn't going to change anything (especially if it's not huge numbers of people). I really believe that electric unicycles can be a viable form of personal transportation and that they have a number of distinct benefits over other forms of transportation. As with all forms of transportation, EUCs have some limitations which need to be considered and mitigated. It would be useful to construct a list of people, groups and government agencies/departments who should be lobbied, together with some high quality materials to facilitate lobbying (E.g. case studies for use, environmental impacts and how any potential risks could be mitigated). It may also be beneficial to try to improve public perception of EUCs, including highlighting the differences between EUCs from "hoverboards" which appear to be where a lot of the negative perception relating to EUCs appear to originate. In London there are very active/noisy cycling lobby groups, and it may be possible to learn from these groups on how to best lobby the relevant stakeholders?
  9. Hi everyone! Last units left for the ACM 16inches 680wh 820wh Preorder for the 84V 1300wh 12 MOSFET board, version v3, long pedals Free UK Delivery | Flat Rate EU Don't hesitate in contact us for availability and information. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-acm-16-680wh-820wh/ Warranty1 year pcb+motor+battery others 6 months. Thanks, have a powerful day!
  10. I can't see that anybody has flagged this here before but I found a petition on Project 42's blog page to legalise EUC's etc in the UK. https://www.change.org/p/george-eustice-mp-david-cameron-mp-rt-hon-patrick-mcloughlin-to-review-the-laws-of-using-electric-self-balancing-boards-and-unicycles-in-public-places?recruiter=512490860&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition i hope all the UK members will sign this.
  11. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wheel-less in the UK - down Kent way

    I've had enough of winter, so I'm heading to the UK for a couple of weeks of better weather. But of course, I can't bring my EUC all the way from New Zealand... I'm going to be based in Tonbridge, Kent from 26 August through to 11 September. And in keen to know if there is anywhere in that area that I can rent an EUC? Commercial or private, I'm good either way - even if it is only for a few days, it would be great to break up a lot of (boring) walking with some wheeling!
  12. Living here in the UK, I was just wondering if anyone has bought an EUC from abroad , whether it was cheaper and what experiences they had good or bad. I initially was looking to buy from America as the price seemed so cheap compared to the UK but wondered if there were import duties, tax, exchange rate etc to consider. Ended up buying from a UK based firm for peace of mind!! http://www.poolmarket.co.uk/ninebot-one.html
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Roberto from PET(PersonalElectricTransport), we've open a pre-order for the Gotway MCM V4 Electric Unicycle Hs version. Any question please don't hesitate in ask. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-mcm-v4-electric-unicycle-uk/
  14. Jeffers

    Meet and ride.

    Anyone interested in forming a group to meet and ride together NW Lancashire uk, all welcome get in touch. Kind regards Jeff.
  15. My twin-wheel Airwheel Q3 is for sale at an asking price of £500. This is the top of the range Airwheel, the only Airwheel so far with a 340Wh battery giving a range of about 16-18 miles. (Ignore quoted range claims - they are of the 'Volkswagon' type, greatly exaggerated) Purchased at the end of September, it has a retail price of £799. I have been learning to ride on it and have covered approximately 100 (dry) miles over 6 weeks. Please note, it has plenty of scratches and scores on the casing as I didn't think to protect it for the first few weeks. (It is now swaddled in cushioning). You will understand why it is scratched after your first attempt to ride one of these things!) At time of placing this ad, it's only on its 6th charging cycle (994 to go...?). Willing to arrange delivery if near Glasgow and can demonstrate to anyone new to Wheels. Otherwise will organise a Payment-on-Delivery exchange at buyer's cost. Willing to drop price to £450 for anyone on this forum. I have a couple of other photos I can email/share which wouldn't fit this advert!
  16. balancescooterrepair.com

    Hoverboard Safety Info

    Tel : 01384 395438 Based In Uk Westmidlands Balancescooterrepair.com Hoverboards EXPLODING? Which Hoverboards are Safe? Lately the media is in a whirlwind of “hoverboard explosion” and “hoverboard fire” stories. How can we be safe? We Are Now Offering For Just £9.99 a in-line fuse system intergrated into you board which will cut out the battery if there is a short circuit on the logic board or wiring . (please call for details ) DO HOVERBOARDS EXPLODE? No, not really. Using the term “explosion” is due exclusively to the media’s knack for exaggeration. There have been only fires, no explosions. WHAT CAUSES THESE FIRES? The fires start in the battery pack. Lithium ion batteries contain different cells at 4.20V each. Sheets of Polypropylene or Polyethylene (electric insulators) separate the individual cells. When one or more of the separating sheets are compromised through impact or overcharging, a short circuit occurs. The large current flowing through raises the temperature to the flash point of lithium, and an intense, flaring fire ensues. Most of the fires seem to happen during charging, and that’s because Lithium ion batteries cannot accept overcharge. Your hoverboard’s charger features a cut-off mechanism which detects when the battery is charged, and stops the charging process automatically. Defects in this cut-off mechanism, may lead to overcharging of the cells, and to a fire. HOW CAN I PREVENT HOVERBOARD FIRES? The best way to prevent hoverboard fires is to buy from a trusted manufacturer that uses high quality components. Another good way is to monitor the charging process, at least when you charge the smart balance wheel for the very first time (as opposed to plugging it in and going to sleep). If you wanna make absolutely sure that you have a good quality charger, even though your board doesn’t come from a reputable vendor, you can purchase an external universal charger. While this won’t prevent fires caused by the piercing of the battery pack, it will definitely prevent the most destructive fires, the ones caused by overcharging (which mostly seem to happen during the night, while you’re charging your hoverboard). Another good way to avoid fires is to simply be careful with your hoverboard. Don’t drop it, kick it, or hit sharp objects with it. Any of these things may damage the separator sheets in the battery pack and cause a fire. This is extremely unlikely, but if the board’s construction isn’t solid, it’s a possibility. As everyone loves a bargain it has led to people buying cheap copies and very low quality boards with bad circuitry, Now there has been cases of them setting on fire and also exploding due to over charging. Our advice is never leave them charging for more then 2 hours 30 minutes from time you switch it on from the plug socket, Never leave your board charging overnight or unattended . Overcharging will make the battery get hot and swell. (just like putting to much air in a balloon). The plug as shown in the picture to the right should be fused with a 3 amp fuse. Exploding hoverboards is a little drastic as over 1 million hoverboards have been sold worldwide with 4 cases of fire. lithium i-on batteries are very temperamental correct use and using general common sense when charging will help. Checking your Hoverboard is SAFE! Please Take our advise ! If your plug is (clover shaped) please cut if off and stop using immediately, You can purchase a new charger or replace it with a fused plug,we recommend using a 3 amp fuse. whether it has been purchased from the likes of harrods or amazon. Never leave the battery on charge over night after a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes if the charger light has not turned to green, turn it off and plug it out of the wall, as over charging it will cause damage and injury. The boards internally there are two types of logic boards , one type is very unstable and a cheap substitute. Hoverboards are safe to use and when charged properly will not cause a risk of of fire,but cheaply bought and low budget circuitry can cause the battery to short and explode. Please note when we repair your board we cannot change your plug as it would make us liable, we can only supply brand new sealed chargers which are fan assisted to keep the thermal cut out at a regulated temperature. Be safe. iRollers To Book your hoverboard in now. Just simply call 01384 395438 (local rate). Speak to one of our friendly helpful staff and we will do the rest. we will take time to discuss your problem and guide you through our service once we recieve your board to give it a free assessment you are in no way obliged to have it done, we can simply return it for no extra cost.
  17. Hoverboard Repair Call: 01384 395438 www.balancescooterrepair.com Calling us is advised or visiting the store is the best option for first port of call. we will then advise you and offer a collection via parcel force or interparcel for £25-00 that includes return, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of getting it to us , we will do all that for you , all we ask is you print the shipping label off and put it on the box and of course be there when it is collected. Our promise is to provide a professional service with up to date process of your repair and fast turn around, so you can be rolling around on your board within days of receiving it for repair .
  18. Nick5Car

    Replacement PCB

    Hi, I have a copy unicycle and at the moment it will not turn on. I have checked the battery and the motor so it must be the PCB. Can anyone help me to source a replacement part, please. Thank you
  19. Hi everyone, I have 2 brand new ninebot one E+ model that i received as unwanted gift this Christmas. The two units are brand new and still boxed. I live in Earls court and I am willing to deliver in London only. The price is 700£ and I can do a little discount if you come and collect it in person. Please let me know and I can also give you some free classes on how to ride it if you require (Hyde Park) :). Cheers Francesco
  20. Just thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken of the floods experienced by the City of York. For those of you unaware of what has happened: Basically, it rained a hell of a lot in Northern England and the water found it's way into the river system and ultimately to York & the surrounding area. There's a hell of a lot of atrocities around the World and ours probably pales into almost insignificance but the floods have left many hundreds of families homeless, the City having to find more finances & the country as a whole, needing to look into much improved defences. This has been the worst extent of flooding the City has ever seen but interstingly, only the 2nd highest river level (after 2000). This is a small album I've created. To keep it more relevant for this forum, I've included here, a photo with my EUC when I went out for a ride to see the latest situation:
  21. I figured this should have a thread by now. A new EUC developed in the UK Uniwheel. They have advertised the launch party on their Facebook so there should be some reviews soon if anyone on here is attending(?) They are yet to release specs but based on what it says on their site I'm assuming: Custom BMS/controller addressing the safety concerns Hot swappable batteries Integrated headlights Replaceable bumpers Hopefully they can reveal more than a standard battery capacity and motor size along with some good unique features. That will be the only thing that could sell it for me personally, because the shape of the EUC doesn't appeal to me at all, at least in the photos they have shown of it so far. Keep it round (imo), it visually communicates the simplicity and function of the whole device in the truest way. Still, I'm excited to see more and this is great news for all us in the UK, EUCs being developed more locally is only a good thing!
  22. *** THIS HAS NOW BEEN SOLD *** I'm selling my almost-new Ninebot One E+ Unfortunately I just didn't get on with it and couldn't master it, so it's up for sale. (Reluctant sale, as it's a superb piece of kit!) It's only a couple of months old, very low mileage, perfect except for a few small grazes on the body, pedals and shin-pad but only minor. It was £600 new, but I will let it go for £400 to the lucky buyer, given the minor grazes. I'm in Cardiff, UK. Buyer will need to collect. PM me if you're interested.
  23. I was having a look at Maplins website and stumble upon a section of their site which is selling "Air Wheels". The "Air Wheels" are only available from Maplin on their web site and are not stocked in store. Models they are selling are - Dual Wheel "Q1" , "Q3" & "Q5" Single Wheel "X32 & "X8" Segway style stand on "S3" Airboard 1.0 They also sell Air Wheel carry bags and training wheels.
  24. Kroy

    OYC EU Group

    Admittedly a bit of a joke but if it's good enough for New Yorkers across the pond, then it's good enough for Old Yorkers in Blighty! The comments I've had from people whilst out riding, suggests there will be more riders from this area before long. <ref> @johnc415 </ref> "All Old York City EU riders, please subscribe to this thread! I'd like this to be a central thread where we can discuss pertinent issues surrounding riding the EU's in the great & original City of York (Founded 71AD), set up a time to get together and ride, and share tips/pointers. Looking forward to this thread growing in number!"