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1845wH - 100V Gotway Monster for sale: $2400 firm

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3 hours ago, Scatcat said:

@Marty Backe a question considering performance and weight. Does a couple of battery packs really make that much of a difference when it comes to performance from the weight side of things?

That's 40cell * 45grams/cell or roughly 4lbs, or about a third of the weight of my backpack when I commute, 50% more than my helmet - and placed far closer to the center of gravity of the EUC. Compared to the torque penalty of the wheel diameter or the sheer weight of the motor/wheel, that should be peanuts, shouldn't it?

On the Monster...it is not even noticeable.

I first had the Monster 1600wh and updated it to a 2025wh (40cells plus)Monster and also have trown in fans and what not,  so easy reached the 2400wh weight.

Didn't make any difference at all this "Monster type" Wheel :-) 

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