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  1. @Marco73 it's total bullshit by Ninebot for sure for all of us who got the first two or so batches of the production Z10 with the poor designed headlights. My US seller has tried to get them to send one, but no luck at all. For $45 I've decided it might not be worth the wait at this point. When the warm weather is back in a few months I want to ride mine in the evenings so I need that new light. I also prefer eBay over the other retail options if I am going to have to purchase it.
  2. In the event you don't want to wait forever for Ninebot to resolve this issue, here's a link to get the updated headlight on eBay.
  3. Girth Brooks


    @Marty Backe My Ninebot app updated last night but still show me up to date at 1.0.4 so who knows??
  4. Girth Brooks

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    @Flying W these EUCs are definitely safer than ripping it through all the curvy, hilly backroads here in Tennessee on a motorcycle! I'm a motorcycle to EUC convert myself.
  5. Girth Brooks


    @winterwheel that scenic view in your video though!! Wow!!!
  6. Girth Brooks

    Updated Z10 headlight on eBay

    If you don't want to wait for your free Z10 headlight replacement or if you don't have a model covered in the free replacement then I've found reputable eBay seller with very many EUC parts including Z10 parts which seem to be hard to find unless you're in China. Here's a link to the updated Z series headlight: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254069294380
  7. @ED209 you sold me, my man. A 100V Monster it is. I hope ewheels still offers the seat and quick charger with their orders of the Monster.
  8. @ED209 this is also great info. I really appreciate it.
  9. @Nick McCutcheon thank you!! That really looks beautifully simple and effective. Awesome! I am going to get a Monster in the near future and a trolley is a must for me, so you helped me greatly. I was thinking of seriously getting a Dualtron Ultra or Thunder at first for power and range, but the cost and size of the premiere Dualtrons has turned me onto wanting Monster instead. You might have also ended my internal battling over which version of the Monster to get as well. Surely I can get 45-50 miles of range of moderate riding out of the 100V version. I ride alone for recreation and can't see myself needing anything past 50 miles at once.
  10. Girth Brooks


    I'm 1.0.4 and no update for mine to 1.0.5 when I checked two nights ago.
  11. @Nick McCutcheon it appears you have a trolley handle on the Monster in your profile avi. Can you please enlighten me as to how you got that on there and what trolley handle you used?
  12. Girth Brooks


    @Dave Frear I agree with you on the earbuds not being safe while riding, but if safety is a main concern for you then I can assure you from a very hard learned lesson that your choice of a cyclist open helmet can prove to be catastrophic. I would have had many missing teeth if not for me wearing a full faced helmet in my first big EUC crash. Wrecking a bicycle is not like wrecking an EUC at all.
  13. Girth Brooks


    @Lutalo love the helmet! Think it will be really cool on your head when the warm weather comes back?
  14. Girth Brooks

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    @Alex_from_NZ I get the same positive reaction about my Z10 from the BMX/skater crowd of kids in my town as well.
  15. Girth Brooks

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    I think many of you are very spot on about proper marketing of these wheels in my opinion. If Ninebot or most importantly with huge brand recognition in the West, Segway went with a big marketing campaign for their One Z models in the US, then I truly believe you would see a lot of interest from more people. It just simply looks the part. If you look at the Z10 from a purely aesthetic stand point, it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of any other EUC and it's not even close. If you remove brand bias that many of you have you would openly admit that without question. Most people do not want to spend hard earned money on something ugly. Especially if that something is nearly or over $2000 and that person is still youthful. I saw the infamous @houseofjob / Tishawn Z10 review and now I am here with you all as a result. I will openly admit to you all that I most likely would've never bought an EUC if not for that video and the look of the Z10. Many longtime diehards seem to openly resent the Z10 just over the fact their favored brand doesn't garner that attention that the Z series does and the attention the Z gets on the front end is largely due to the fact it looks really cool.