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  1. https://www.toolsource.com/misc-c-318/24mm-nox-soot-socket-wrench-p-240459.html This should work if needing a 24mm socket for axle nuts instead of making one. NOX sensors for diesel vehicles are near identical to an O2 sensor.
  2. I assume from the pic above that this shell will explode on impact just like every other Gotway ever. I love everything about Gotway performance and yet I hate the build quality so much I can't bring myself to pay the asking price knowing it will look like a heap after a good crash.
  3. I am dying to buy a new wheel and my next will have suspension. After seeing all the reviews of this wheel, I am locked in to wait it out until Sherman (hopefully) makes a suspension wheel.
  4. This will likely be what I wait for. Very much regret getting rid of my 100V Monster just like Marty told me I would.
  5. Chinese Corporate Espionage is is a very worldwide, factual thing that is WILDLY a common occurrence. I am sure that InMotion has their reason for being pissed and I bet they're right. Source: United States Federal Bureau of Investigation- https://www.fbi.gov/news/speeches/responding-effectively-to-the-chinese-economic-espionage-threat
  6. I am beyond thrilled to know these new wheels will go through the ringer with the "EUC YouTube Review Team" as I like to call the as all the other wheels before. It seems doubtful that anyone will truly know much about these new era EUCs until several reviews are done. Seeing all of you argue over short video clips and claiming to be able to eyeball the difference in a minimal amount of cm in suspension travel is laughable at best. The only thing that is definitive with you all is that you love to argue.
  7. Narrator: Many here indeed do not understand how suspension works.
  8. You can also make room for a lot of cool stuff by removing all of that too. Nothing wrong with wanting those features you mention just as there's nothing wrong with wanting other features in their place. There's 17 wheels you own with the same retread ideas as the others before. Some of us want more than what's been offered to date. It appears the market is fully ready to move forward to give us just that. Gotway will possibly make a wheel with all the above mentioned and possibly even more new features as well. Some want to drive a Cadillac and some want a Jeep Wrangler, Good things are
  9. This can't be overstated for me. The fact that the EUC market is moving in the direction of forward thinking engineering over BT speakers and rings lights is the most exciting news I have seen since the first time I ever saw a wheel on YouTube.
  10. This is a great time for the EUC market. My thoughts is that KS has won me over as of typing this, but my thoughts all along is what will the speed king do now that their main competition has officially pushed the EUC into the next era. Gotway now has the option to look at two suspensions to analyze and perfect to their liking. I will be waiting for Gotway's answer before I order anything myself. If they can't top what KS has done with the above then I will be purchasing my first KS wheel. That S18 is the best looking EUC now by far to me.
  11. The amazing thing for all the folks bitching about a wheel with an "unnecessary/overcomplicated suspension" is that there's literally the entire EUC market outside this one soon to be product to choose from. I applaud InMotion for pushing a radical new feature in a largely featureless market. I have some doubts it'll be as great as they hope, but also hope I am wrong about that. Not all of us want to ride on pavement for 50+ miles at a time. I can't wait to see it go through the reviewers like Chooch and company.
  12. @jumpsuitriderLDN You have a different issue than what I had. I had one of the two batteries that would not charge no matter the method and the app would not communicate with that bad battery.
  13. @Feynman I did end up buying a new battery. One side of my battery stopped being recognized by the BMS. It would not accept a charge via any method possible.
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