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  1. *except for when you actually learn to ride it properly, then this goes away* . Just averaged over 20mph on my Z10 for 5 miles just minutes ago on lunch. It has issues as far as the wheel itself goes, but it it as stable as a wheel can be. All complaining of the wide tire on an EUC just need to ride for it for awhile before jumping to conclusions. Your troubles will go away if you just learn the wheel as you did when you got your first wheel.
  2. Just ask them to please allow for the "slow down warning" to be muted or turned down on their wheels.
  3. @Pierre Seibel not trying to scare you, but your BMS is likely failing in your Z10. Mine did this exact same thing a few times before battery 2 would not communicate at all with the BMS. I tried to repair with no luck so I ended up buying a new battery pack to replace it.
  4. Despite the BMS failure I had with my Z10, I would be highly interested in a new model.
  5. I was not the happiest to not have mine covered under warranty either. I was initially going to sell mine without a battery and get what I could for it. I ended up buying a new battery instead after a few months thinking on it. I missed my Z10 too much to sell it for scrap or leave it collecting dust.
  6. @Ziiten the BMS board failed in mine so I didn't have the option to fix any dead cells. I don't think I would have if I could have though. I would be too scared that I'd create a fire hazard. I am not a battery expert either by any means though.
  7. I just got mine from We Unicycle on eBay. They also have an Alli store as well. I got a new battery from them for my Z10 with no issue. It was at 96% on both batteries upon arrival with both LED lights flashing blue.
  8. After reading hours of bitching and moaning over and over again, this is the absolute best post in this thread. No contest,
  9. @DRACULA did you ever resolve your battery 2 communication error on your Z10?

  10. @Planemo I have never heard of a third party BMS for the Z10 myself. Z6 and Z10 are not equal in battery department though, That is why nobody has been able to upgrade a Z10 to a bigger battery like with the Z6.
  11. @Alexandre Borgmann I have come to the conclusion that a full battery replacement is the only option we have to fix this issue. The BMS control board is the problem with our wheels and it is located inside the battery. It can't be replaced on its own. You have to buy a new battery pack to solve the issue. I will likely sell mine in the near future to get what I can out of it. This hobby is extremely fun but I can't deal with the Chinese monopoly on warranty and repair parts.
  12. @Daniel Burkemper I feel pretty certain that @MRN76 recommends to not go past your current unlocked speed.
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