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Inmotion V8 (~500km, 1 year old) 550€ - price update


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I want to sell my Inmotion V8 with nearly 512,8km on it, bill available (august 2017) from rollingbull.de

Its in top condition and comes in original packaging and with the protection sleeve.

Starting at 550€







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Great! Thanks

So let me just get some things clear:

1. you have the proof of purchase to validate the warranty? Could you send me a picture?

2. All the original equipment will be shipped with the V8 in the original package, is that so?

3. how much is the shipment to Portugal?

3. Are there any conflicts in terms of using the app by the fact that i'm not the original buyer?

4. What's the autonomy of the battery at this point?

5. How many km does has it made at this point?

6. Why are you selling it?

Much appreciated for your patience :)

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Everything comes complete with original package and proof of purchase with warranty, i send you pictures

The shippment with insurrance of 500€ costs 40€. With insurrance of 1000€ it costs 55€. 

You dont have conflicts by using the app because i deregistre the wheel and delete myself as owner before i send it to you.

Autonomy is nearly like on the firat day, maybe just 1 or 2 km lower, but i believe this difference is from experienced riding with the time. I had never problems to ride trips with 25 to 30km and ~20% battery left. With aoft riding i ahould be able to reach easily 35 or some more km, but i dont kike riding the battery completly to 0 (My weight around 90-95kg). 

It has 512,8km, the tube is filled with slime and a tube for reserve, already filled with slime too, i send for free, so you can start riding direcly. And dont have to worry about a flat tire.


Im still very happy with this wheel, but got my ninebot z10 2 month ago... And my wife means i dont need 2 wheels :efee565ab0:


And if you take it, i have a seperated stand for the wheel, but ao z10 is to big for the stand, so i do it in the hole package as a little present ;)


Edit: i swnd you the pics with pm

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Thanks MaiKi,

You may receive strange reply from me, it's due to the fact that I didn't get your previous full message until after I answered. My status in the Forum has some limitations like I cannot send private messages yet and also there are some delays has the content of my messages still needs to be approved, thanks for your patience.

So I feel good about your replies and would like to move on with the transaction. Would like to hear your suggestion on how to move on with payment.

Would also like you to mention in the original purchase proof the fact that it's being sold again with your signature  in it (this was recommended by Nils Gessen at Rollingbull for future repairing needs: "Additionaly I woulda advise to add a note on the invoice stating the resale, signed by both of you.").

Wait to hear from you

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I can signature, no problem, rollingbull can contact me everytime in thw futurw too if you have some problems with verification.


How you want to pay? Paypal? I write you pm with all the informations

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