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Help! Wiring of Tesla Battery pack

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I want to make a battery pack to my tesla 84v-1020Wh unicycle. 

I bougth the Bms boards but i dont know where is conecting the 4wire conector(2red,2black) in the Bms board Or what is the function of this? 

The yellow discharge

The black(2wire) charge

And the Black conector with 4wire?


Thanks a lot

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On 7/2/2019 at 11:33 AM, h0ts1lk said:

Did figure it out?  Im doing this as well.


This is a Gotway 84v BMS, please disregard from the "cut away" text it was just me before deciding to use the full BMS on top of original 800Wh pack for my own MSX 1600 to 2400Wh modification, a mod first done by Hansolo so will give the props to him for taking the first step and showing more of us what is possible, also szaroczek did it before me and both been helpful when asking questions so a big thanks you guys! :) Appreciate it.

With that being said they used the v1 board and cut it down to placed elsewhere in the MSX, me I got the v2 board looking slightly different with slightly different layout, dimensions so I ended up never cutting mine down, I used the full uncut board.

Still, if you have got a 84v Tesla this is about how the board will look, more or less depending on version but very small differences and if all you want to do is rebuilding a stock 84v battery pack the image can be helpful, what you ask for is soldering points on the board for charge connector (the smaller black 2 pin connector) + the mystery connector (same type only 4 black pins.)

I know how frustrating this can be, I am by no means any kind of expert whatsoever at this, on the other hand it's rocket science either but if there is any info I can provide just ask, we are here to help each other right?

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3 hours ago, h3X said:

Any reason not to use a normal supower bms?

Good question, have no idea really?

For me I had 2 stock GW 800Wh packs already so just continue to build on that, but sure if rebuilding all 3 of my packs in the future I will surely look into that idea, well that and also to use a different control board all together but suspect the control board will create a range of other problems, I want to keep the GW 80% warning that's all all safety I use and working well so far, but also being a single self balancing wheel kind of make this important to work well for obvious reasons. :lol: Other than that there should be better board out there, better efficiency etc.. etc..

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Sup guys, I'm sort of in the same boat, except I'm rebuildling a stock Gotway 820wh ACM.  

@electroman  I have the same board you posted except it has LHY20SP written on it.  The added "P" is different.  Will this BMS work for the Gotway 820wh?

I will re-do the whole wiring diagram in Microsoft Power Point before moving foward with the entire setup.  I'll post it once I get all the information correct.



WhatsApp Image 2019-08-08 at 14.49.15.jpeg

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