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Ninebot S2 - rear fender broke


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I bought a Ninebot S2 a month ago. I'm very happy with it, and I'm using it to going work every day.
So, every day I do around 11km (total) from home to work and viceversa, using only bicycle lane. In my city there are circa of 200km of bicycle lanes, and all of them are made with normal asphalt. So, the "floor" is smooth, but of course there are parts of the road that are not perfectly flat. 

From day one I noticed vibrations in the rear wheel when the "floor" is not perfectly smooth. Actually these vibrations were very noisy sometimes. But of course, this only happened for 1 or 2 seconds when the "floor" is not smooth (at 25 km/h it takes just 1 or 2 seconds to pass by these zones).

But two days ago I was riding the scooter and suddenly the rear fender fell down in the floor. It was cut, as you can see in the image attached to this post.

So, my questions are:

 1. Does anybody had the same problem? Because I wondering if, even when I could fix it, in the future I will have the same problem.
 2. Does anybody tried to adjust the shock absorber to reduce vibrations in the rear wheel?

Thank you.


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14 hours ago, Argie said:

Wow, thank you for this video.

This guy has a lot more of problems than me...

The guy in the video seems to have a lot of problems, for sure.  Maybe you can make a fender that sits higher over the wheel, or make a bracket that holds the original fender high enough that the tire doesn't touch it.

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JB Weld Epoxy to the rescue!  Plus maybe a couple of metal side support struts that brace against the platform to the underside of the fender would be good.  Who thought designing such a long span fender like that would be a good idea?  It's too easy to accidentally step on it.  It's just a big curved lever that is bound to snap off near the mounting area.  I'm no engineerologist, but some things you can see coming a mile away.  :smartass:

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Thank you for all yours comments.

As I still have two years of product guarantee I've contacted to the vendor and they are gonna repair it (after all fender was broke just one month after I bought the scooter).
They told me that they've got 3 or 4 mores cases like this in my city (they are the only vendor that sales this brand of scooter).
My concern here is that could happens again in the future... I'm not a mecanic engineer, but the fender seems to be finer than necessary, and when I ride the scooter there are a lot of vibrations due irregularities in the asphalt.

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i got the same problem and concern, i could replace it but i feel that it's going to happen again.  any one knows other piece like this but made on metal or something stronger?.  i saw this in ebay but i'm not sure if it is in iron or not





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Hi, guys! 

Mine broked too, 2 times in less than a month! :(

Soo I decided to solder where it broke, check the images, I think it's better and will not broken again :)


For me it was cheap then buy a new one.

But anyone knows how to adjust the suspension to avoid this? 

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