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Ninebot Z model - INITIAL step by step SETUP GUIDE (Include mods)


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OK Guys,  I thought that I will to it later, but as the "massive" delivery of Z10 hit EU and probably US also...  Here it is:

The step by step setup guide for Ninebot Z models:

  • Find Yourselves local standard mains connection cable like for PC (depends if the dealer made the good job or You got Chinese standard cable in the box) 
  • Buy some reflective tape - white and red
  • Unpack all stuff, connect the Z to the charger and charge it....
  • Cut away small triangles of the bottom protectors by the pedal post as they block the easy pedal opening (see www.youtube.com/lukluk for video of what I am referring to)
  • take included hex key and screw pedal plate screws (6 on each pedal) slightly better
  • stick the grip pads precisely
  • unscrew pedals
  • cut reflective tape for front and end of pedals - 4 wedges 100 mm long, 12mm on wide end and 5mm on narrow ends are needed.
  • stick the reflective tapes precisely
  • get / prepare pedal openers (custom solution in my case - but willing to print and send - option to be discussed) stick them nicely using strong professional grade double sided tape
  • get / prepare light sensor blind to reduce lamp switch off by incoming car phenomenon (custom solution in my case - but willing to print and send - option to be discussed) stick it nicely using double sided tape (*see my YT video   at  youtube.com/lukluk )
  • Cut and stick RED reflective tape for the back fender (stick it over instead of white - also wider strip like 4 cm is OK)
  • add good double sided tape to front of the top protectors - by the lamp as original one un-glues as hell  (*se my YT video)
  • unscrew all side panels and lamp, modify front lamp - see my thread for that on the forum here or my YT video with link listed
  • screw in fender and handle
  • stick some fancy white reflective tape strips on the front of the unit  *see YT.. 
  • clean all unit using alcohol before sticking all external protectors
  • prepare extra soft foam leg triangular protectors to cover parts of the original leg protectors as they are hard as hell
  • stick protectors
  • apply silicone on pedal axis to stop them form rattling and screw them back in place
  • modify the original rubber hose from the set - cut the pump end away, get the bike tube valve, press it into the rubber tube (original one comes without the valve)
  • set the right pressure in the tire !!!!
  • DONE

Optional steps:

  • get the charge doctor and modify the power supply to use it (*see my YT video about it  - www.youtube.com/lukluk)  also separate thread here...
  • install WheelLog (in case of android device) new version supports Z model 

This is more or less complete guide.  Skip what you want, or add other steps ;-)

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Wow, that's a lot of extra stuff to do :o

Good suggestions, but I think the title to this post is a little misleading because most of what you suggest would fall under the category of Wheel Modding, not Initial Setup.

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Title modified, but in fact not that much is modding - a lot of stuff is just using/applying the stuff included with the wheel

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