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Hello everyone.  I have been lurking here for awhile and now that I have finally got my new wheel and am teaching myself to ride I wanted to say hi and ask a few questions.

Knowing my interest in EUCs for awhile now my wife bought me a S1 for fathers day.  I finally got it yesterday and have started to teach myself to ride today.  In the first hour I couldn't even stand up by myself on the thing and thought about returning it.. haha  but knowing my nature that would not have been a option at all.  Now with about 8 miles of practice up and down my driveway ( according to my app)  I can ride it up and down and do left and right tight turns ( moistly scraping the bottom of the foot boards on the concrete) without falling.  The one thing I am having real difficulty with is mounting and dismounting.  For the mount I find that if my foot thats on the ground doesn't land exactly where it is comfortable on the foot board then I need to stop and try it again.  I cant seem to ride it with one foot a little to far forward or backwards.  It throws me off. and I certianly cant seem to move it at all while moving.   Thew other thing is when I dismount I find it hard to do it gracefully.  Most of the time I just hope off and grab the strap I tied to the handle.  That strap idea I got from Chooch's video and I have to say it has really helped a lot.  But without it the wheel would go flying every time I try and stop.    


Also i was wondering of the strap would cause a inadvertent cutoff at speed?  Like is the handle disabled over a certain speed?  Not that I would pull on it when I am riding since I am very contingent about it but I was just wondering about that...


Ok guys well thanks for the info I have gotten from all of the posted on this forum and I hope to be posting my own videos soon as well. 


PS.. I am contemplating the inmotion glide 3/Glide 2 lite bundle since I would love to teach my daughters to ride and we can have some quality family fun..  what do you think about that bundle deal.  the glide 2 lite seems about the same specs if not a little better than my S1 anyway and the glide 3 seems like a really good intermediate / advanced wheel I could grow with..  Im not a speed daemon or anything and to be honest 12 mph on the S1 seems like enough for me. I currently have it set for only 6 mph on my driveway .  but it is only my first day  hahah..



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Glad you're having fun. You're doing great. You can adjust your feet while you're rolling by only moving your toes, then only moving your heel, then only moving your toes. Heel-toes-heel-toes.

I'm not great at doing that, but I can make small adjustments that help a lot.

Just keep practicing your mounting and dismounts. In a month you'll only vaguely remember struggling with it at all. 

When I first started, I had my feet too far back on the pedals, and this screwed me up in a big way, because my leg wasn't pushing against the middle of the wheel, but rather from the back of the wheel, sending it spinning out sideways when I tried to mount or dismount.

It sounds like you have mounting the wheel down pretty good so far. When dismounting, just come to a complete stop and rest the wheel against your still-mounted leg. Then you can just reach down and grab the handle.

Have fun, and congrats on your coming upgrade. I'm not sure you need two small beginner wheels, in addition to the advanced beginner/intermediate V8, but maybe you do need the two small wheels. because the other option would be to just give your S1 to your daughter and spend that 12-1300 dollars on a SWEET advanced wheel that you won't outgrow even after a few months. 

I'm not saying you'll outgrow the V8, but I'm definitely not saying you won't outgrow it either. 

And as far as having two small/weak beginner wheels, if your daughter doesn't take to the sport that will be two baby wheels just sitting around gathering dust, while you regret not having bought a KS-16S, V10/V10F, or ACM-2 as your first real wheel. V8 is an awesome wheel too though, it just doesn't have the performance or range that a modern wheel does. It's definitely good value though.

I'm guessing after 2-3 more weeks of practice on your S1, your horizons will expand greatly as far as your confidence and aspirations as a rider.

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i was the same as you 4 weeks ago , up and down the drive is ok but then i went to a cricket pitch (somewhere flat and grassy is best) i had mine padded up at first cause didn't want to scratch it , on the grass you can just step/fall off and not worry when you get going just go where the wheel takes you you can't do that on a drive , your legs soon get used to it ,i took my girlfriend on grass she was off after an hour ,, try it,, look at my videos on you tube of me learning v from day one to present day ..i bought the kingsong ks16s it's great you will want the power and battery when you get going  

he's a few vids and there's more on YouTube from me learning 

first day

present day 4 weeks later


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