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  1. she will definitely be up for anything that self balances.. its the single wheel balancing issue that is the problem..
  2. I've tried teaching my wife to ride the EUC, but she seems to just jump off of it when it gets going, impeding her ability to learn to balance the thing. Its really frustrating but I want her to be able to ride something with me so we can have fun together instead of me saying " honey, ill be back later" . So I was thinking of getting her something that self balances.. maybe a E scooter or a Onewheel. What do you guys think? I got the idea about the onewheel from watching @Mike Sacristan videos of him and his wife enjoying both the EUC and the Onewheel together.. But man, its so hard to justify paying almost 2k for something that only goes 19mph top speed and has less than 20 mile range.. But maybe thats OK if thats what it will take to get my wife out there with me.. What say you EUC Community..?
  3. I can watch this Video all day long for some reason..!
  4. why dont you just call Jason at ewheels and ask? I have never had a issue reaching out to him..
  5. tscottn

    V8 issues

    I had the tire issue on my V8 as well when I first got it.. Deflate the tire completely and massage the bead to conform with the rim on the uneven spots, then slowly put air in the tire. I put a few psi ( 10 or so) then rode the wheel a few hundred feet to seat the tire then put more air in and checked for seating issues.. it was pretty easy and no more wobbles.. also it could be your riding posture as well..
  6. just throw some duct tape or vinyl tape on that bitch and get riding! BTW, scuff marks, dents and dings are war scars and you should be proud to have them.. I would be embarrassed to ride a pristine wheel.
  7. Very few videos do I watch all the way through.. seen one seen them all.. But this one I watched from beginning to end. It was so well done and the countryside is so beautiful. I watched and wished I was there with you all. great job!
  8. I dont believe you can unlock the top speed with Darkness Bot. You can however unlock the first speed limit with DB. But to get to 30mph you need the actual KS app. I might be wrong but this is what I found with my 18xl
  9. this almost happened to me on my 18xl but i was able to restart the wheel and get the fw upgraded after it froze.. thought I was hosed but got lucky i guess..
  10. at first I thought it may be my phone, but my BT connects to all my other devices no problem. I am guessing that the BT in the wheel is just faulty on some machines. Maybe a firmware issue.. idk
  11. yes never was fixed.. still the same issue..
  12. spent quite a bit of time in Dubai a few years ago. I never saw a single EUC or other PED. Sorry i cant help there.. as far as laws go, its Sharia law so just be aware.. Dont get caught showing any PDA to a woman in public or bring any woman to your hotel room that you are not married too.. Have fun though..
  13. https://everysight.com/ Everysight Raptor HUD glasses seem to be the best out there right now.. Edit, but they are not cheap.. you get what you pay for..
  14. man I love the EUC Bodyguard. I have been contemplating something like this too.. I would order one but $120 USD + tax might be a bit much for a cover like this. ( not taking anything away from your R&D or Cost of development.) Also, whats your shipping rate to the USA?
  15. Out riding my 18xl almost everyday this week around my neighborhood trying to unlock the full potential of the machine. Today, for some reason the app would not stay connected. When I would try to connect, it would take a very long time to find the device. After it found it , It would disconnect within a few seconds. Couldent keep it connected at all. Then I went home, rebooted my phone and the wheel and connected the app. It stayed connected for a little while, and showed me this error regarding the sensor. Turned the wheel off and on again and connected the app and the error was gone. then it disconnected again for some reason.. not sure whats up, since today is thew first time I have had any real issue with the app staying connected while riding. Im wondering if something in the main board is faulty? BTW, The wheel itself seems fine otherwise.. also, is it normal for the app to say " Illegal Equipment" on the main page? I know the KS app is not the best but this is the fist time I have had any issues staying connected to the wheel. Thanks in advance for any help..
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