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My Dad and Pete - Okinawa 1945

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I love looking at old photos like these and imagine what it was like the moment they were taken.  It's sad to think how so many experiences and stories are lost to time over the ages as generations come and go.  Not that future generations likely will have more than a passing glimpse or interest of what happened ages ago.  I guess it doesn't really matter much in the long run, so live in the moment while you can and enjoy the brief time you have on the planet.

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4 hours ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

I love looking at old photos like these and imagine what it was like the moment they were taken. 

I cataloged most of the pictures while still living in my parents house. 

This picture convinced me , using Google Street view, that the shrine where the Jeep / Tori gate shot was taken was the 'Naminoue Shrine'. 

Street entrance to shrineNaminoue shrine entrance from Google Street view

Google Street view , from an above and tilted perspective , virtual 3D reconstructs the shrine as it is now.

Naminoue Shrine - Google Earth current area model from terrain profile perspective.

In 1945 some of the nurses on Okinawa , near my Dad's location, were cool enough to pose for a group shot. He refers to them in soldier slang as 'some of the "gooks" - cute aren't they!'

Okinawa 1945 - nurses




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2 hours ago, Casey Dean said:



My Dad didn't talk much at all about WWII but while handling my mother's estate I found a stack of pictures with names and places on the back of the pictures.

While doing an obituary search for Pete R. Salbego I read he served at Iwo Jima...unknown to me. They trained in the south together, on Okinawa together and might have been on the same boat(s) in transit.




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@Casey DeanFor the last few hundred miles I've been riding an eBike. My Monster has taken a back seat to it. After texting with a Junior High friend (1960s) who moved to North Carolina recently , nearer to his father, I rode the RadRunner eBike along a route to Boston I've used many times on the Monster.


Just before arriving at Harvard Square there is a bike shop. An eBike made by Batch ($2199) sits in the window. A review of the bike said it has good range but an uncomfortable seat. I'd window shopped at the spot several times but decided not to buy the Batch seen (barely) in the window.


After a bite to eat I continued


back to the commuter rail station for a depleted battery ride home, just like the Monster rides. My knees and legs seem to like the eBike but my posterior is still deciding if this is the optimal comfort ride.

The RadRunner went along the trail seen in this video a few days ago too.


Hunting season is on and the gates to the wide trail were open.😁


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7 hours ago, Casey Dean said:

Pete was my grandfather


There's a LinkedIn profile matching your name.

If you don't mind my asking did you graduate from a school in Binghamton around 2007 ?

I-Dad-Mother-Grandfather were born in Binghamton. 




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On 11/30/2020 at 8:54 AM, Casey Dean said:

Bob, thank you so much for posting these photos. Pete was my grandfather. This pictures are going to make a wonderful Christmas present.

Wow, this is amazing. Pete was my grandfather too, an amazing person. Great to see these photos. Thank you!!  Casey good to see your name, nope you are doing well.

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Mr. Eisenman.  Peter Salbego was my father.  My nephews have posted their thanks for posting pictures of my father, their grandfather.  I want to add my thanks for posting these pictures.  You see, my father had a footlocker of momentous from the Okinawa and other locations in the South Pacific.  I want add a little clarity to my dad’s obit.  He traveled to Iwo Jima as part of the Army joining in on the  mop-up after the invasion.  He said it truly was hell on earth.  He shared very little of his memories and disposed of his foot locker and its contents and all of his pictures from the war sometime before he passed.  That is why your posting these pictures is so special to my sisters and me!
Barbara Salbego Hartman

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Hey Bob, my name is mike dean I'm married to Carolyn Pete's daughter.  Pete was the kindest and most compassionate man I've ever known. Thank you very much for honoring these great gentlemen.

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