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Ninebot Plus how you do maintenance

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On 5/19/2018 at 3:38 PM, cassapo said:

Hello, I have a ninebot plus and I want to know how do you do the maintenance?

You already open the ninebot to tighten screw's?



If you have no problem for the warranty, you can remove the shell under the Mini
I did it
I used a dry air spray, I cleaned the dust and mud
with a wipe I cleaned the seal
I repositioned the seal in the shell
because he was glued to the frame
I inspected the screws and the condition of the chassis
I reassembled the shell, and screwed several times so that the seal is positioned according to the chassis
I took the opportunity to put a personal stamp in case of theft


For clean your Mini PLUS or Mini Pro white (fenders and hub)

1- use sandpaper (very fine-grained) for the scratch

2- use spray bleach (bleach spray that foam), let it act for a few minutes, 

3- use old scrub scouring sponge and you rub hard on the whole surface
only if the scouring sponge is very worn so as not to scratch the mudguards

with a lot of water, the Mini Plus has to be tilted backwards, for the water to flow,
pay attention to the lighthouse in the steering column, the water can infiltrate paste a sticker over
dry well with a cloth and tilting the Mini back


It is tempting to want to remove the pads to clean underneath
however, it is common for some people to put back the pads simply by pressing from above
it is important to understand that all the parts of the Mini are nested, therefore, the pad and the base of the pad need to be disassembled and reassembled correctly respecting the different levels, the structure of the base of the pad

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