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calf/shin guard for one leg tricks.

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9 hours ago, Stephen Halford said:

I got the kris holm ones.. they okay... but didn't really see a big benefit from the pain of the unicycle pushing on my leg.

It looks like basically a layer of straps across the back is the only protection for the back of the calves ... do you feel they could take a good scrape from a toothy bicycle/unicycle pedal?

Re the pain of the unicycle pushing on your leg, I don't think you can get a pad to negate all that much of that.  Having your body weight press down onto your shin is simply not what your shin is made for and I think it has to hurt most people, at least for a good long while.

Believe it or not, my shin bones actually got thicker from practicing on my EUC and having my leg pressed so hard into it as I practiced mounting ... and the increase in thickness stopped exactly at the edge of where my shin got pressed into the EUC.  I can run my finger over it and feel it clearly.

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yes, its only straps across the back of the calves with fabric. so could save you from getting hit by a spikey bicycle pedal.

I have yet to make my mind up if it easier to ride with them or not yet.. but did find they all ways seem to be resting on the wheel of my KS-18-L


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