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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/321995738417362/ Long awaited Phx ride. We probably gonna do 7-10 miles total with some dinner in between maybe even some jugglingWe are meeting at 5pm at 1015 N 2nd Ave Phx by Roosevelt and 3rd.Come join us, text me for more info +1 310 961 6393
  2. You ever try go fast and the wheel started shaking? I clocked it at 24mph and the wheel was shaking alot, very scary. Is it the wheel or is it me?
  3. Anyone experiencing the inside scratching the body when doing one footers?
  4. Master Ong


    My 5th burn after taking a break for 5yrs. Last year I return with my 9bot E+. Probably one of the best places to ride an EUC. This year I organized a ride, 22 riders showed up from around the world at my camp, and we rode around for over an hour. This is me riding reverse and taking some footage from the beginning.
  5. 65kmph cut off for sure as you guys mention and 48kmph is pretty close to the ‘safe’ limit. Thats for 1036wh I assume and a medium to light body weight?
  6. Also anyone having pain on the calves riding the RockWheel. I can ride it no problem, but when I try to do one foot riding it hurts. I also have 500+miles under my belt on 9bot E+ and KS14D, so Im not new
  7. So far I only clock 22mph/ 25kmph but also I wasnt wearing any gear. I also just want to know out of curiosity whats the top speed of my 858Wh 1036Wh. Also can someone explain to me why theres two numbers 858Wh and 1036Wh?
  8. Thats it? And Max Speed can go up to 28mph/ 45km or more?
  9. Since no one answered my topic. How do we unlock Rockwheel to get up to that speed?
  10. I tried on Darkness Bot and it said it did not manage to apply. I download the Rockwheel app and didn't see anything in there. What have you guys done to unlock the speed?
  11. After watching this video, riding with no protection I barely get up to 15mph/ 24km now. Woosh
  12. Ive joined the family! A few question, I connected it to Darkness Bot and it doesnt say how many miles is left eventhough its said 94% battery life. I got two chargers, one is a fast charge? And in the 2nd picture, I got that in the box too. Whats that for? I tried to adjust the Speed to 40km on the Darkness Bot and its not allowing me..
  13. Ks14d x Jordan One Lows 4270D340-4E10-4AD0-BC37-E14F9C31822E.mov
  14. Another thing I noticed on my 9bot E+ with 500miles and 2yrs+ old. I noticed I cant seem to pump the air in the wheels to make it full, it seems like its always like 90% or something, anyone experienced this?
  15. IS there a list somewhere of what features are unlock once we pay?
  16. After a few seasons of riding. I suggest teaching people how to 'skate' on one foot. First find the balance point when you lift one foot and one foot on the the EUC, even for a split second. 2nd try to skate an inch or two using that method. And once you can get a few inches, its easier to mount.
  17. Checking to see other people's opinion. I got a 9bot E+ in the summer of 2016, and this summer I got a King Song 14d. I have a RockWheel Gt16 on the way. My question is, I felt the 9bot was good when I first got it, I dont know if its wear and tear or the mileage I have put on it, roughly I say 500-700 miles give or take. Ive taken it apart multiple times, had a flat tire once and missing some screws on the body over time. I cant tell if the KS14d is just so much quicker in terms of reaction and control or did my 9bot just deteriorate over time? Cause the 9bot everytime I get on it it feels like its sooooo slow to my reaction, almost like its sorta laggy a bit. Or is it I have grown accustom to the KS. Thoughts?
  18. @Yi Chen is definitely the AliExpress Rockwheel Store
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