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MAX and some Sherpa

Joey Serrin

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Hello everybody,

If you were ever interested in MAX or Sherpa, this year dreams will come true. MAX version 2 was a success but still not refined.  Early this year I started building Max version 3 with a completely new suspension design. That's right! The time has come to redefine euc control. Imagine hitting the toughest obstacles and feet  never leave the pegs? Makes me drool thinking about more testing. 

Walking away from an unresolved partnership at eWheels and joining 3 others to create Revolt Rides, the motivation to create is stronger than ever before.  My reputation in servicing and innovations now is with Revolt Rides! I do not provide any service for eWheels and haven't for quite some time. 

Happy to announced funding for manufacturing MAX is available and working out details.  My biggest flaws was the overall rigidity of the shell. Thankfully Will (revolt rides partner) has been developing epoxy resin layered with reinforced cloth. The first batches of MAX wheels will likely use some Chinese parts (motor and board) but mostly built here and assembled here in the USA.

SHERPA on version 2 but still a bit away from being complelty satisfied with the design. If you have seen the videos, this thing is a work horse. Not designed for cruising long distances. 

More info coming soon! You want MAX or Sherpa in your lineup? 


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1 hour ago, Joey Serrin said:

Walking away from an unresolved partnership at eWheels...

Congratulations on your new endeavour, and the suspension idea looks to be very interesting!  I think we're all interested in new EUC developments coming down the pipe.

No one likes to see mommy and daddy fight.  :cry2:  Is it a can of worms to open up if we ask what went wrong and whether there is any possibility of a resolution?

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What Hunka said.

Also, why do you manage to build a suspension with EXACTLY the right argument,

4 hours ago, Joey Serrin said:

Imagine hitting the toughest obstacles and feet  never leave the pegs?

and the "professional" manufacturers give is hard flat metal sheets that send one flying off in real bumps?

Also, are you willing to give us some (preliminary) specs (*cough* battery sizes *cough*) for your wheels, or is this way too early?

Finally, two words: high pedals!

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