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New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

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Jason McNeil    3,147
17 hours ago, Boxer Rebellion said:

@theNight on your screen shot, top left corner displays V5F, do you have the V5F+? my app displays the same thing, just want to see how I can verify I have a V5F+

@Boxer Rebellion the best & most reliable guide is that you'll get between 25-30 miles range with the '+' but 15-20 miles with the regular V5F. In the first wave of V5F+ (I think you were included in this), there was a communication that had "The box has a V5F label, because we are the first (& currently only) ones in the World offering the '+' edition with the 460Wh batteryInmotion did not have the opportunity to create new labels in this round"

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fearedbliss    247

@FahrtwindI checked my version. It's 1.3.506. That version was the one that was on my wheel when I bought it a few months ago. So no new version with the speed increase has been released.

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