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Ninebot Mini PLUS not powering on , help please!

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Ninebot Mini Plus not powering on after second day of normal use from new. I had charged it full first day, used it for about 2 hours. On second day charged it again, used it for 30 minutes then i turned it off. And after half an hour when i wanted to turn it on it just doesn't work. Any idea how to fix it ? I live in UK and bought it from Gearbest . Took 2 months to arrive, don’t want to send it back because it will take very long time until arrives and long time until back 3-6 months. Can only ship by train to China as is forbidden to send by plane. Any clue on how to fix it ? Many thanks @jojo33 @Jojo33A

Video uploaded

Ninebot Mini Plus not powering on.mp4

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Hello, @derex

did you upgrade last new firmware totally, remote control firmware too? 

1/ check if the steering bar connector is well connected (disconnect and reconnect it)

2/ check if with remote control turn on mini is not locked, 

3/ try the hard reset method, take the MINI on your lap, do not touch the wheels, put it on long presses, try several times and several seconds 2s-10s

4/ Gearbest: you do not have to return the Mini in China, Gearbest has a center in Spain, once received they will refund you the transport costs and will replace you the Mini

if you paid your mini with paypal, "activate one touch " pack return https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/home

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On 22/01/2018 at 10:53 AM, derex said:

Thanks for asking

it interests me for several reasons. We must find the solution, to help other users if they encounter this problem
It is abnormal with a new product, it can not come from the battery, or charger, maybe the connection between the front and the battery, inside the fin...i would like to know whats happened with your plus

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