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  1. Im thinking about the power button. Some wire can be loose but till he get no answer there is big question mark. But why gearbest take so long with their response?
  2. My V8 after installing the app let me ride above 30 for sure. Daily I do short rides 2-5KM trips and with battery fully chargeg. mostly I ride from 28KM/h up to 33KM/h constant speed. My max speed I have menaged to do was 34.3KM/h but I dont want to push it harder as the tiltback-my possitionis is uncomfortable so I carry on with a speed which let me ride comfortably. At the beggining of testing is it possible to ride above 30 I was sccared a bit that I will fall but now I got use it and that max 35KM/h limit is just perfect for my jurneys so Yes we can ride above 30 constant speed for sure. just be carefull for what You do when riding above 30 and You will be fine. last second is the ??flight time?? when it cut off on me at 29.7KM/h when I hit a drain...So Im off riding EUC for some time...
  3. in my oppinion what ever fit on this rim is good to try! just use appropriate tools and job done.
  4. the app it self does a good job but that "connection lost" to the wheel when riding is annoying. it does is so much that I cant focuse on riding
  5. ok Ive made it silly me. to set up the body correction I had to switch off the engine with the button under a handle and then press "boddy correction" now is back to normal!
  6. shall I send You them files trom the app or somehow You are able to see it?
  7. It was new when I got it from the dealer. I covered 690KM so far. My comfortable possition is 0-flat! I have never ride with red light in front of me! this happens after installing wheelLog to be honnest! it has automaticly moved my V8 out of angle when I installed this app and since then both apps are at 8degree for me to ride flat! I never even had to take appart my V8!
  8. Ok so I have uploaded a new one. it looks like it keeps on loosing conection to the wheel as it was before and same problem with possition of the wheel. If I leave it on 0 is way out of angle like it would have a tiltback on straight away and keeps on rolling off. so again need to put the angle of the wheel maximum to the right in the options 8degree so it will be stable and straight. is it something wrong with my wheel You think? in oryginal app i can not do the car boddy correction?
  9. it might be silly question for You so sorry for asking but where I can track this files from?
  10. Tilt back kick in before! I dont check exactly at what speed it does it as Im maximum focused on riding as You can feel that it is riding on the edge of falling! I just had second atempt and Ive reached 33,9 for a split seccond! This mod was great! Thanks Guys for help in getting this app working and understanding! Today I was not as scared as I was at first yesterday and it was less windy!
  11. today I was able to squize a bit more speed but this type of riding eat a lot of battery in a short time with full leds on
  12. I do not get that to be honnest! only at this setting my V8 is at straight up position and pedals are flat as they should be! Does it have anything to do with inmotion app?
  13. Ok! Just went for a spin! ???? The most important - Im allive ??? but but but... The maximum tiltback does not allow me to go on the straight run or even down the hill with constant speed over 30KM/h! so it looks as normal! I had to force it for a split second! Max out both apps are below 32.6 KM/h The app keept swithing off as well! I had screen recording on if anyone is interested? what do You guys think?
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