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Another newbie doing his first real trip


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Since it's a bit calm on the professional side (yay, euc, boooo bank account ...), because all my clients seem to be on holiday at the same time this year (no sleep in September ...), I took some time to do my first real ride with the V8 after practicing with my "banger" 14" wheel. 

It went pretty well but I must stay I felt stressed at certain moments. If you are riding along and all the sudden you here "ieeep" "ieeep" and it's the brakes of a truck that its following you but can't/won't pass you, well ... sweat starts appearing for no reason :D . First thing that I noticed is how narrow the case is compared to other I have. Took a bit of getting used to but it's also a lot more comfortable. Grip tape on the pedals makes moving around your feet a lot harder but at least you won't slip off if you stepped in wet grass before (don't ask ...). It also makes a nice "futuristic" noise when riding which the other doesn't.

Did a bit of normal road, a bit of riding in industrial zones and some parking lots. Starting still gives me stress, especially with people/cars around, but I never had to try twice to get going. Not feeling very confident why waiting at an intersection, so I usually get off, cross the road and get on again.

Anyway, here are some stats. Maybe someone can makes sense out of all this, because I have no idea how this fares to the limits of the battery/engine in that thing. I rode about 11km.

Also, I limited the max speed of the device to 25 km/h, but I see a higher peak in the software. Never got a warning or anything. Glitch?






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I would agree the excess speed is a logging glitch as my limit is set to 25kph and there is no way the wheel tilt back would let me hit 30kph and it would be shouting at me too. Also seems like there is no associated power surge to account with the acceleration.

I got 39km (24mi) from a full charge to tiltback and shutdown on my V8 earlier this week (after the third full charge). 30-36C ambient temps. 75kg (165lb) total rider weight. Road and sidewalk riding with no hills. Speed limited to 20kph for the first 8.5km, 25kph thereafter.

Take a look in my recent thread about my first commute and you can see some graphs from my V8 you can compare to yours. I've also been noting voltage and charge observations.

I'm loving my V8 too. It's the first wheel I've ridden so can't compare to others.

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Also funny: I read about lots of beginners here holding on to stuff for balance, or try and stop next to a lamp post / traffic light / ... when riding around so...

Today I tried for the first time to actually do this too, just "for fun". Well .... I can't. Impossible for me to hang on to a lamp post or a railing :D Pretty funny how it's the other way around. I'm much more comfortable just stopping and starting. Probably since I never practiced holding on to things.


Went out tonight with the small wheel again, no good for just riding around, too slow (beep beep at 15km/h), but I had fun practicing obstacles. Up and down small sidewalks, doing small jumps (feet from pedals to facilitate the euc to get up onto something), riding over cobblestones etc. Starting to get the hang of it.

So that's one week of euc ownership :) 

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Did some decent trips and it seems I am in the "danger zone" right now. I am pretty comfortable but still not 100% in control in all situations. It's a bit like learning to ride a motorcycle. Speeding up in a straight line and hitting vmax are easy, but manoeuvrability in tight spaces is a different story.

Also had a quick reality check when at a certain point I was riding about 20-25 km/h, pretty stable, relaxed, and there was this insect that landed on my cheek. No problem, just wipe it off, right? As soon as I moved my hand to my face I lost all stability. Didn't fall off, but it was quite the surprise as to how your entire body keeps you upright and what impact it had, even at a speed where the euc is very stable.

Rode the V8 in the grass for a while. Pretty cool. With my small wheel I can only do 5 km/h max I think. This thing has a lot more torque, I could easily speed away from my running daughter who was trying to "catch" me, even went it went uphill.

Also did some off-road riding. This is really a lot of fun, but you really need to keep 100% focused and work those legs as shock absorbers.

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