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ewheels V8 4 prong charging port vs freemotion 3 prong


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Anyone knows why these wheels are different?

I bought my first V8 wheel from Jason at ewheels and my second V8 wheel thru ebay from freemotion in Canada,(since Jason doesn't have anymore V8s) ewheels V8 came with the extra charger that charges a little faster than the normal charger, now, ewheels V8 has a 4 prong charger and freemotion a 3 prong, anybody knows why this difference?

Also I wasn't able to access the wheel to modify the settings with my iphone 6 but I was able to do it with my old iphone 5s that is only connected to the home WiFi and doesn't have a SIM Card and also has an older iOS version. Only the speed, lights and Pedals Adjustment was available, not Firmware Upgrade, when I tryed a popup with a "Only the owner can change." came up.

I thought I was the owner...

The Freemotion V8 came with FW 1.1.1009 and set Pedal Horizontal Adjustment to 3.9 Degrees as default.

The wheel is smooth and runs well, but it seems to be slower than my ewheels 4 prong V8.

Although I'm not complaining it would be nice to be able to upgrade the Firmware.








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You need to register the wheel by typing in the serial number. I believe this is done in the Me tab. Once compete I was able to change the Bluetooth password (also owner restricted). There were no newer firmwares available for me.

I think Inmotion changed the charge port from 4 to 3 pin early on. I read that somewhere on here and there was some discussion of the merits of the change. A search should confirm this. Was your ewheels V8 one of the first produced? If so this is likely what happened. My V8 I got from Jason early this month (last batch he will ever get) is 3 pin.

It is possible you can get an adapter from Jason to go from 4 pin to 3. My new charge doctor for the V8 is 4 pin in and out but has an adapter on each side to convert to 3 pin in and out. Jason may be able to sell you one of these unless they are specific to the charge doctor package. If so you could just get a charge doctor. Then you get the advantage of battery longevity plus all the adapters you need.

You should do the turning and forward adjustment to calibrate the wheel. Mine was off on delivery. My post "Help me decide" in the Inmotion forum discusses this near the end of the thread.

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Jason asked InMotion to change the GX12 3-pin connector to 4-pin for his wheels (or the US-American market, not sure), because the 3-pin is also used for hoverboards with lower voltage. In the European market the V8 is sold with the 3-pin connector.


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