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KS-16B spontaneous shutdown while trolleying


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Dear fellow riders,

my otherwise quite reliable KS-16B (after approx. real 1500 km, FW 1.25) has recently a few times spontaneously shut down while being pushed with the trolley extended. The power turned itself off without warning and the wheel went limp. I could switch the power on again and at least once it turned itself off again after a few minutes. No problems while riding, only when pushing in trolley mode. WheelLog logs did not show anything unusual until the shutdown.

Maybe related: when turning the unit off by pushing the power button, sometimes I get one beep, sometimes two beeps, and I think I once even heard three short beeps when I turned it off. Is there a meaning of those multiple beeps?

@Tilmanndiagnosed a faulty on/off switch. It would execute a shutdown triggered through vibrations while the wheel is pushed at slow speed but not while riding when the power on/off switch is deactivated. And it could also produce mutiple beeps.

Can anyone please confirm or report of a similar problem and perhaps its remedy (*)?

What is the known minimal speed above which the power on/off switch is deactivated in the KS-16B? Or is it deactivated by riding the unit as opposed to just pushing it?

Thanks a lot!

(*) except upgrading to the new KS-16S ;)

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There is clearly something wrong with your unit and you need to get it checked ASAP.

On 24/07/2017 at 9:54 PM, RenaissanceMan said:

Or is it deactivated by riding the unit as opposed to just pushing it?

I can tell you the KS16 doesn't have different settings for riding and "pushing" ;) The wheel shouldn't turn itself off, especially when pushing it, as there is no load.

You can simply test what is the minimum required speed for the button to prevent switching off the wheel, by pushing the device and pressing the button ;) It is very sensitive, so as soon as you reach even a minimal speed, it will prevent powering off. However, when you are slowing down and almost stopping, but hasn't stopped completely yet, the button will be re-enabled, obviously.

Tilmann may be right, it makes sense in theory and the multiple beeps adds up. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to test, so like I said, you should get it checked ASAP ;)

On 24/07/2017 at 9:54 PM, RenaissanceMan said:

(*) except upgrading to the new KS-16S ;)

Sounds like good plan B :lol:

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