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  1. Uhhh, ohhh, this is seriously heading in the wrong direction! Can't you see? This man needs in-depth technical advice - served without distractions by non-functional play stuff! BTW: Contrary to what my aged male trained stereotypes suggested, Naomi actually seems to be a skilled software developer with some impressive maker and hacking skills on top of that! Don't believe me? Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdk4Zw2oYdc
  2. Tilmann


    Totally unfair: My daughter at her first EUC training. Not only did she manage to ride on her own within minutes, she also looked terrific doing it (whilst I remember making a total fool out of myself for weeks in the beginning...): Ok, she mastered normal (manual? Or is it called "pedual") unicycles before. Guess, that helps.
  3. Tilmann


    They've seen me coming to work on unicycles before, but riding in on snow sure got me some extra bonus points
  4. Tilmann


    Involuntary Monster Snow Test Combine an important meeting in the office with a flat tire surprise on the car in the morning. Add a good portion of snow and ice plus a GotWay Monster electric unicycle as backup commuting device and here'ya go: testing the Monster in conditions, I've never tried with it before. Result: I got there in time and the Monster behaves pretty well in such weather. There's just no recipe against deep potholes filled with soft snow. Apologies for the shaky camera handling - zero degrees centigrade and the phone insists for me to take the gloves off...
  5. Ehhh, unfortunately no. I can show the picture again, but then and now the i5 would just NOT fit into my backpack by just a few centimeters: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7842-i5-general-consensus/?do=findComment&comment=107584 The backpack in the picture is a Samsonite, designed for 17-inch Laptops and it is just a tiny bit too small. I didn't bother looking for a larger one, as my i5 typically lives in my car waiting to see the light of day with those last mile opportunities (which are plenty). But I'm optimistic, a trip to any halfway decent luggage store will solve the i5 backpack transportation problem
  6. @novazeus: jepp, that offer seems to be over. Here's the presently cheapest one: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01KOGX3WQ (399 Euro /US$465). Keep in mind: those German prices even include 19% VAT.
  7. Hihi, nice try! What makes you so keen on seeing me single again, huh?
  8. Hi @brianle, as there was a lot of excellent feedback already, there's rather little I can add: Still love my i5 for exactly your "last mile" runs. The thin profile and the weight sold me and still does. And yes, the 245Wh model weighs in at exactly 7.7 Kg (17 pounds). Not only can you jump curbs with the i5, you have to! I neglected that once and just rolled down a curb and the shell hit hard on the curb stone, breaking a little chunk out of it. The sound of that is a real head twister, btw. I'm a bit heavier than you (85 Kg). On flat ground I get 10 miles range easily. Despite the very modest motor wattage, it carries me up and down 20° ramps (36%) easily. Even with it's thin form factor, it sometimes gets in the way with restaurant visits. It's an obstruction under my seat and it just waits to fall over when leaning on a wall. Beeping isn't that bad. Yes, it does not like downhill runs when fully charged, so I just avoid that. With the speed alarm (which cannot and should not be turned off) starting shortly above 20km/h, I look for a cruising speed just slightly below (same logic as yours: I don't put on any protection for last mile runs, so I'd rather not ride faster than I can run). Switching the light on and off by leaning the wheel sideways works sometimes - that's a bit annoying. Personally, I never experienced it, but other i5 owners reported unwanted activation of the exposed power button when carrying the i5 in bags or a backpack. While it lets you feel it wasn't really meant for it, riding the i5 on gravel paths or wood chips covered ways is well possible. Look out for muddy and sandy spots: the thin tire will dig in instantly. Side note: I have seen the ninebot S2 offered as low as 299 Euro (US$ 350) at German electronics stores (Media Markt, Berlin) just 2 weeks ago. Not that buying in Germany may be a practical option for you, but searching for bargains on that model may score elsewhere, too. While I do own a mten2, I never had a chance to try a mten3. Both are significantly different, so I can't really help with a comparison. My 5-cents-worth-prophetic-wisdom: You'll buy an i5 or mten3, happily ride your last miles, get hooked, and we meet back here in a couple of months discussing performance models ...
  9. Sure thing, looking at it from the sunny side of the EUC learning curve, any 2-wheeler looks underwhelming. I just trained 3 more colleagues EUC riding. One got it within minutes, another one challenged his frustration tolerance for hours in multiple sessions before he got the hang of it (funny: it "clicked" when he finally tried the Monster), the third one is still fighting for basic balance. For the latter two, I wish I had one of those inmotion V3 double wheeled trainers at hand. Alex ( @EWheelMotion ) uses them to train newbies and the reward is an almost instant success experience. Agreed, most EUC newbies will outgrow any 2-wheeler fairly soon - but didn't most of us "veterans" give in to the evolving urge for "better, faster, longer" as soon as budget allowed? Transiting from a double-wheel EUC to a "real" one comes pretty natural - no comparison to those silly you-don't-learn-anything-training-wheels you can screw to the pedals of cheap generics. In Germany, the biggest barrier to EUC mass acceptance may be the silly policy to outlaw anything local traffic laws don't recognize. In more EUC tolerant countries, I bet the steep learning curve ahead is the biggest obstacle. That said, the IPS design decision for a (hopefully) state of the art double-wheeler may not be such a short sighted choice. Personal positive side effect: ever since buying the i5, I was secretly concerned, I might instantly regret my purchase decision when the s5 comes out. Not so anymore
  10. For reasons of privacy, I would never ever identify @meepmeepmayer in a photo. I'm the one on the right
  11. When I first read about the criticism of the i5 on/off switch, I was like "Ohhh, nooo, IPS, please don't change my beloved power button!" I just love that one swift motion to grab the i5 by the handle, put it to the ground and power it up in one go. Coming to think about it: the only reason, I don't experience your "unwanted turn-on's" (sorry, couldn't resist...), is my fairly unique way of using it. My i5 practically lives in the spare tire compartment with a solid lid protecting it from anything, that could push the power button. And of course I have to agree: A self-starting wheel when transported in a bag is a No-No! Somehow, that effect sounded familiar ... : So, on second thought: "IPS, please steal that idea" and give us a lockable power button! See, you don't even have to invent it. And if you're looking for a new challenge for those idling brain cells: how about a mechanism, that flips open the pedals with power on and closes them with power off ???
  12. Geez, poor guy! That's hard to explain. I don't recall any place along that road ("Villacher Alpenstrasse") where you can drive right up to the ridge of the rock slide. Pretty much all the way, there's a tree line between the road and the ridge. And car parking up there is on the other side of the road. Thanks for the link though
  13. Update: The Monster Inside After some fierce abuse, beating my poor Monster up the mountain sides (pls see my "Alpine Picture Dump" a few posts above), I inspected the inside for melting wires, burnt connectors, discolored sleeves or any sign of stress. Happy to report: Nada! Njet!! Nothing!!! Thumbs up, GotWay, I am positively surprised
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