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Speed limit Inmotion v5+


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Hello, I bought an Inmotion v5+ about two months ago. Now It has already 500km. I'm writing here because I'd like to increase the speed of my wheel but I don't know what is the procedure. Please, someone can help me? I heared that exist an apk to do that, but I would not be able to figure out how it works.. :huh:

Thank you :D

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@roch maximum speed on the V5 and V5+ is 18km/h, that is why most people go for the V5F or V5F+ which has a maximum speed of 25km/h.

To the best of my knowledge there is no magic app that will make any of those variants go any faster than I have stated above. Inmotion did promise a software update to increase the speed of V5F but I'm not aware that has ever happened either.

The V5F and F+ are limited to 20km/h out of the box. The standard Inmotion app will allow that to be increased to 25km/h.

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This thead is a bit old, but I just got this same problem when connecting to my wheel (Solowheel Glide2 / Inmotion V5F) using the latest official app (version 7.9.3.GP). The latest app only shows 20km/h as the max speed on the slider, and resets the wheel to it. Bummer!

I also tried fixing it in euc world, but it wouldn't take - it allows me to lower the max, but not raise it, even if the value shows up correctly.


The fix was to download and install the 7.3.3 APK. This older version shows 25km/h on the slider, and allows me to select it! Success!



The iOS app failed for me also (tried on an iPad). Since you can't download and sideload old versions of apps on iOS, you'll have to get an Android device to do this!


The app got renamed recently in android, which made this more confusing:

The latest app, which DOESN'T work for 25km/h on V5F, ishttps://apkpure.com/inmotion/com.inmotion.android.app

The older app, which DOES work (7.3.3 does) ishttps://m.apkpure.com/inmotion-scv-bluetooth/com.inmotion.ble

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