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  1. In this instructions put that you change the speed to 25km/h with the App.
  2. Hello, you could finally increase the speed to 25 km / h. I bought a V5 + and I have also read that you can upload from 20 to 25 with an App. thank you very much
  3. hi what happened to the end with inmotion v5f?
  4. Hello, i have bougth a inmotion scv v5+ and I want yo up de speed to 25km/h. It's posible with the App?
  5. Hola soy de Madrid y me acabo de pillar un inmotion v5+ y tengo dudas a parte de que no he aprendido a mirar en el. Hacéis quedadas o algo para aprender? edte foro es un poco complicado, este es mi teléfono para poder hablar por wasaap 696744163 muchas gracias
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