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Bluetooth connection and Gotway App

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I really did search, tried what was already suggested, but had no luck.

My iphone (also tried an ipad, and an ipod touch) will not find my shiny new Gotway Msuper. Turned on the wheel, set the phone to Bluetooth searching. Nothing.


I am also unable to register the app.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kebye-gotway/id1187149394

Country Code: +1

Mobile number:

Wheel Number: The numbers only, that are listed in the manual that came with it.


I keep getting a server error message.


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29 minutes ago, Maximus said:

It appears like you just needed to wait approximately 7 hours :P

Ha Ha!  :)

It seems that the Gotway servers were offline for a while, (confirmed by Jason at eWheels), and without the app the iphone will not find and pair with the wheel.

Once the app server was available and I could register, the pairing was available.



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BTW, for anyone who is new to using the Gotway app ...

After you register the wheel, and you start the app, it will indicate that the app is searching for a Bluetooth signal from the wheel.  

On the very bottom of the frame/screen, your wheel will show up.  

You then select that device/wheel and it will pair.  Not an obvious process at all.  

The wheel does not show up in the iPhone Bluetooth devices queue that you are used to using when pairing Bluetooth devices.  It is only available for selection in the gotway app.


I may post some screenshots for clarity.


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I am not a great photographer, so sorry for the lousy images, but they help walk you through pairing your iPhone with your Gotway wheel.

Your Gotway wheel Bluetooth transceiver does not show up on the iPhone Bluetooth discovery screen, not sure why. See picture.

When you open the app, there is a prompt to click to scan for your wheel.  See pic.  make sure your wheel is on.

After you select scan, the app shows it is looking for the wheel Bluetooth.




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