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  1. Not directly unicycle related. Yesterday I lowsided while riding my dual sport motorcycle. Riding too fast, leaning too far, not loading the front tire enough to take the g forces of the turn, for the available tire grip I was wearing an Alpinestars tech Air vest in a leather racing suit. Pics of the suit are below. Only fell at about 50 mph, but if not for the protective gear I would be in hospital today. Instead I am just nursing an awful looking and feeling hip bruise. The airbag vest saved me from a broken collarbone. Wear protective gear. Our bodies are soft fragile things. BTW it costs $300 bucks to have the airbag vest rearmed after a crash and deployment. I destroyed the LED status lights required for the vest to work which is another $50, and the suit will cost about $200 to repair as well. Well worth it to be healthy and alive. I was going to post a picture of the hip bruise but no need to make you guys upchuck.
  2. The proposed tariffs are not yet being implemented and will likely be revised in large measure. So far it is just a threat exchange.
  3. Pard

    First proper fall

    Indeed. It is so easy to get complacent on these wheels.
  4. Pard

    First proper fall

    You did not mention what you were wearing on your hands/wrists. What do you wear to protect the hands, and did it work as well as you wanted?
  5. Pard

    First proper fall

    Well done wearing the right gear! Really saved you.
  6. Good info. As others said, the battery is a large part of the cost and of the performance capabilities as well.
  7. Depends very much on what your use profile will be. Are you planning on using the wheel for short rides or long rides? Long rides demand large batteries. Are you above average weight? Go for a larger battery. Do you want to go as fast as possible? The larger battery V5F is faster than the V5. The main risk with a used wheel IMHO is not really being able to verify the condition of the batteries and the the way they have been treated. If the battery was maintained with care, not stored at full charge for months, etc. you are likely OK to buy used. There is no way to know unless you ask and trust the answers.
  8. https://solowheel.com/products/solowheel-glide-2 The glide 2 lite from solowheel is the same at the V5. New it is $400. I would not pay more than $150 for a used V5. The glide 2 is the same as the inmotion V5+
  9. Tire liners are definitely a benefit. Combined with puncture sealant you are orders of magnitude less likely to get stranded due to a flat compared to going without.
  10. That vest would work, but it needs to be in a special jacket or suit, costs 1000 dollars and every little tumble would cost $150 to reset the system. Not practical. A helite vest with a teather is a better option, but at our EUC speeds, it is really not needed, just pads to protect the corners of the body, helmet and gloves. Extreme EUC, a member here, does it right.
  11. That is a software bug/software design limitation that needs to be worked around. I had the same confusion when I first received my Gotway Msuper. The percentage charge is correct, but the voltage is off. I recommend using a charge doctor for charging so that you can see actual voltages and to also allow for storage charging.
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