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I´m making my NEW Battery

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13 minutes ago, Óscar Ramos Melero said:

Hi! Im making my new battery for my EUC and I answer questions.

Im following the steps of this page: 



This will be 16S and will have 180Wh

Thank you

for which wheel?

good batterie choice! But wouldn't be a 16s2p more efective and safer? (depends on the place on the wheel...)

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21 hours ago, KingSong69 said:

para lo cual la rueda?

buena opción incluye batería! Pero no sería un 16s2p más Efectiva y más seguro? (Depende del lugar en el volante ...)

In the future. But 16s2p cant fit in my space. I have only 145x132x22 mm. But im designing a new bigger case in 3D studio and I´ll print with my 3d printer :D

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