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Converting motor for bicycle use


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I have an old generic wheel that I am planning to convert to run my trike. I have realized that using the stock board and sensors won't work because the trike is already balanced so getting it to accelerate would be difficult leaving the controls touchy. I'm wondering if i can run the motor directly off the battery or if I'll have to make a board to handle the bms or other essentials.

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9 hours ago, electric_vehicle_lover said:

Buy a BMSBattery S series controller that will almost for sure run your motor - and they are very cheap.

As bonus, I am developing OpenSource firmware for that controllers and there is now a lot of technical information about this controllers, for modding/hacking :-)

Awesome, those are cheap. So any controller that starts with an S? Also, do you know if I need a square wave or sine wave?

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