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  1. I simply lock mine up like It was a bike, i never leave home without My lock. This is made easy by living in a bike friendly community. If I'm going into a store for just a minute I either throw it in the shopping cart casually or leave it by the registers or somewhere near the door but out of sight.
  2. Yes! Pictures please.
  3. Ooh, i don't know If my unicycle has any hall sensors.
  4. Awesome, those are cheap. So any controller that starts with an S? Also, do you know if I need a square wave or sine wave?
  5. I have an old generic wheel that I am planning to convert to run my trike. I have realized that using the stock board and sensors won't work because the trike is already balanced so getting it to accelerate would be difficult leaving the controls touchy. I'm wondering if i can run the motor directly off the battery or if I'll have to make a board to handle the bms or other essentials.
  6. Update. I have repaired the problem and now i have s place to wire a usb charger to since the new switch does not have a light. Thank you @esaj for your help!
  7. Very informative, however i am still unsure which wires get paired. I want to be very careful not to short the battery. If I were to connect the red and black wires would the wheel turn on? Pictures attached. I think the blue and white were powering the led and the others were power. So if i connect the red and black together it should turn on the wheel if i remember correctly. I am just nervous that it could short the battery if i am wrong.
  8. Recently the Switch on my generic wheel stopped working. This has happened before on my other wheel and repairing it was easier because there were only 2 wires going to the Switch. This one however has 4; red, black, blue and white.I believe the red and black are from the battery and the blue and white are for the board or lights.I plan on testing the continuity on the new switch to determine which of the 4 terminals are connected while the Switch is on. I do have a question though, does polarity matter? Or does anyone know if the red goes to blue or white? Any help is welcome since i am unable to test the broken Switch and my experience is limited.
  9. Nice. How thick is that and how strong is the adhesive? I'm looking for something for my wheel but the silicone battery covers are too slick for adhesive
  10. Here is a Guy Fieri meme for you. On a more serious note, Buffalo has great wings and the sauce is easy to make at home. I put hot sauce on everything accept my toothbrush. (Though I have considered it) Greek food is my favorite so far. Delicious, simple and healthy; I could eat nothing accept Greek food for eternity. Best/worst part is that it doesn't need hot sauce, just lots and lots of wonderful tzatziki sauce! Other than that bbq anything is my food of choice. I like any food that I can tear flesh from bone.Sorry to any vegans/vegetarians. My ex boyfriend was and still is vegan. It takes dedication and I don't think I could ever be satisfied with plant based protien.
  11. Yes, Miami is conveniently close to me thankfully. Hope to go for a group ride sometime. I have been enjoying the island quite well. There is a large biking community here, the streets are perfect for cycling since traffic moves slow and are respectful to others. I have seen several people riding their euc and I am encouraging my friends to get one to ride around with me. Everything you need is within walking/riding distance! P. S. If you are planning to visit contact me and I can show you around. I have a spare wheel to in case you don't bring yours. Bonus if you are into the gay culture.
  12. Living the island life over here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_West
  13. Shopping costs can be calculated on the website
  14. Hello, I am getting local riders together for group rides and discussions. Post here if you live in Key West seasonally or year round. If you are a visitor feel free to post as well. Please mention in your first post if you are a local and if you currently have a EUC.
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