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  1. This available? Got a mobile number I can message you on about it?
  2. From what I understand, you'd need a 100v speed controller. Once you've got that I think you're all set. But I believe they can be pricey! Would be interesting to know if you go ahead with it
  3. Does anyone know where to purchase replacement battery packs for the sherman for long distance travel for me to swap out when needed. Cant find anything when I've searched online, but maybe some of you may know where to get hold of them from. Yesterday I did 47 miles and my batteries were almost dead on the sherman... much less than the 100 mile range everyone talks about. (I'm 100kg and ride around 35mph average speed).
  4. Has anyone seen anything that can be used to replace the clips on the seats Brian sells that have some sort of hinge to get to the trolley handle easily? I've had my seat off him for 7 months now and it's fantastic, although I haven't once been able to get to the trolley handle because I have to tape my seat down to the bars otherwise it will slide whilst sat. Any links to either some hinged clamps/clips or something that can be undone easily to get to the trolley handle would be much appreciated and I'll have a look. Thanks!
  5. How to change it from KM to Miles in the distance display? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the link, I couldn't find it but that looks perfect other than the fact it needs programming and isn't just plug and play but still. Cheers
  7. All I need is a 84 or 100v speed controller. Get that and you're golden. Chances of finding one... Slim because ebike technology is so far behind. Look at escooters... Very small wheels and you've got a 2.6kw hub motor in each wheel sometimes. Why can't they do that in ebikes affordably... Around 1k mark? But you just see these rubbish 350w ones going for £4.5k! Ridiculous
  8. Show me a kit that's actually decent specs. I can't fine anything over a 1.5kw motor. Then you still have to find the batteries that will power it. No batteries I've seen are over 72v and even then anything over 48v is hard to come by. Makes sense to just get a controller.
  9. That's really detailed. I've got a veteran sherman, but could even be a 84v msx. They are fairly inexpensive and have all the components to strip apart and make a bike.
  10. I'll be honest with you, it's over my head when it comes to customizing an existing board. I'll be interested if you find a 84v or 100v speed controller. That would be ideal.
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