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Maximum tire diameter for minipro?

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Hello, I'm looking to get slightly larger tires for the minipro to help smooth out bumps for filming purposes. I know that the stock is 10.5 inches, and I've seen that the off road and hybrid tires are about an inch or so larger. Anyone try putting something around 13" tall on it? I have no problem removing the fenders for this. Thanks!

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On 13.5.2017 at 11:45 AM, Hogo said:

So I found this size tire: 90/65-6.5 

anyone know if I'll have any issues with it?

That's the size of the offroad and the hybrid tires. They fit, but it's hard to get them on the wheels. You need good tools and a helper for the job.

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Greetings, so I am not reading the tire info correctly. Is 90/65-6.5 a 10.5 inch tire with a 6.5 inch wheel rim; well what is a 13x5.00-6 a 13 inch tire with 6 inch rim size? I'm seeking to get proper rim size tires for my Segway plus. Thank you. - Q

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