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  1. Just chiming in for future readers to say that you can use the wall charger and the battery only, without a second battery. Just use two wires like the poster earlier. If you look at the wall charging brick, it tells you which two wires to use and their polarity. I figured out the polarity of the battery by looking at the above picture and using red for + plugged it in for 5 seconds. Then plugged the wall charger to the battery using the normal connector (still removed from Segway) and it started charging right up! Thank you to everyone who posted on this thread. Really valuable information.
  2. How did you identify the polarity of both the battery terminal and the charger plug? I want to try this.
  3. Shipping was crazy expensive so I did not return my hybrids. Anyone want to buy my unopened hybrid tires for $50? Pm me!
  4. One more bump for anyone that wants to buy my new hybrid tires, otherwise I'll just return to the seller.
  5. I'm receiving my hybrid tires this week, but I got a Segway i2. Anyone in the Los Angeles area want to buy them? 75$
  6. Whoever wrote that on m4m is incorrect. Several other sources all report that the hybrid tire does not fit with the stock fender. But it's a really easy process to modify them.
  7. Nice example! Thanks! I ordered a pair from AliExpress and it was about $24 cheaper than more4mini for the pair. Can't wait!
  8. I've been looking at those too, as well as different tires from aliexpress . I made a thread, but people are not too active on these types of subjects here. At least for the mini ?
  9. So I found this size tire: 90/65-6.5 anyone know if I'll have any issues with it?
  10. Hello, I'm looking to get slightly larger tires for the minipro to help smooth out bumps for filming purposes. I know that the stock is 10.5 inches, and I've seen that the off road and hybrid tires are about an inch or so larger. Anyone try putting something around 13" tall on it? I have no problem removing the fenders for this. Thanks!
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