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  1. As far as i know it's the only one you can use (except from earlier versions of it, if you are on Android)
  2. As it couldn't measure the batteries capacity, cause it lacks an "intelligent" bms, you have to tell the app, how much juice is in the cells, because it propably needs this information to calculate the range you have left with your battery.
  3. I don' t know, what my user-error could have been, when my Mini Pro Street faceplanted me around 10 meters after start while i was accelerating steady and not very fast. Before that accident i had a pause for a talk, while it was switched off after around 10 kilometers of riding without any problems. I think, it was a Firmware error, because i had 1.22 (that was called back by Ninebot last year) on my Mini Pro, that i bought new in August 2017. Since this experience i were very careful with speeding up and learned to ride more cautious and never had a "cut-off" again. After negotiation for a compensation of the injury with the supplier i just updated to Firmware 1.4 that feels much better on the first kilometers i were using it.
  4. I bought my Mini Pro Street new in August 2017, and it came with Firmware 1.22. A few days later i had a faceplant while normal accelerating without any warning after riding more than 10 kilometers without any problems before. After the accident i searched for a reason and found this thread...
  5. You correctly identified your vehicle as to be not an original Ninebot mini. If it wasn't announced as "Ninebot mini" it isn't a fake, but obviously a clone. What is your question? BR Jan
  6. It doesn't make too much sense to use a gauge and a pump instead of a pump with an attached gauge because you always loose some pressure, that you have to add again, when you mount and remove the gauge. Unfortunately the delivered hose is worthless because it has no valve. I suggest to buy a good bicycle pump with accurate gauge and a hose with valve as used for trucks with hard reachable valves deep in the rim. You can get the latter at your local truck tire repair workshop or on ebay. The bad and the good:
  7. That's the size of the offroad and the hybrid tires. They fit, but it's hard to get them on the wheels. You need good tools and a helper for the job.
  8. Analysing the apps "home calls" seems in general to be a good idea. I found 5 different servers in china it connects to when online. I really don't like this spying... Do you have version 3.5.1 logged in? Possibly it just writes the login state into a file, that can be generated by hand...
  9. The AIO package is a very nice solution, but unfortunately i cannot use it to downgrade my Mini Pro from 1.2.2 to 1.1.7: App version 3.5.1 doesn't allow me to login with my user/pw, that i created with App version 4.0.4 last week, when i got my little segway. It always states a network error 6. It seems to me, that Ninebot changed the loginserver address in the App. Anyone any idea how to solve this?
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