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Active Mobility Enforcement Officers


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Singapore now has uniformed Active Mobility Enforcement Officers (AMEO)! 

Must have been a slow day! Two officers standing over this lady! Yes what the lady did was unsafe but to have a dedicated police force overseeing PMDs.....come on! I am sure Singapore is overrun with PMDs these days but you would think their standard police force could handle such violations without calling in the AMEO!

One refreshing caveat that we rarely see in the US.....a police apprehension without guns drawn!



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11 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

No, that's fair play, she was on the road, endangering the life of her child as well. Stupid parent.

I totally agree that the child was at risk and the idiot mother needed to been fined! I just find it interesting they have specifically trained officers to handle PMD violations! Singapore must have a huge cache of federal funds available to support this distinct police force!

I am a bit jealous that their crime rate is so low that they can afford to have officers overseeing citizen safety violations instead of the enormous resources my country dispenses daily to investigate 1000s of violations involving drugs, shootings and homicides!

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