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Wobbling KS 16b


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Hi I am a new owner of a KS 16b. Purchased used but in very good condition and low mileage 410 km for now.

This is my first wheel  so I cannot compare to anything else.

when I ride over 20 kmh /12mph I hear a wobbling sound that I did not hear before. I cannot say that when I ride I feel a discomfort.This sound is  bugging me though. I did an experiment in house, I was lifting the wheel and the  sound appeared again over 20 Kmh,but this time because I wasn't on the wheel  I could clearly feel a shake with my hand holding the wheel. I tried several times an the wobbling  sound always appears after 20 km/h and the light shake of the wheel. I must admit I fell a couple of times but nothing that damage the wheel even cosmetically.Any ideas on what is happening? Is the wheel out of balance? I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


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11 hours ago, swvision said:

Its probably the wheel nut or bolt in the center of the wheel that connects the pedals to the wheel. If it is loose then you will have shaking. Look for videos to open the plastic case and tighten the nut or bolt.


Rethinking about your answer, do you mean the bols from the pedals or from the shaft going thru the wheel.The wobble is happening even when I lift the unit, I am not putting load on the pedals.




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21 minutes ago, cm16600 said:

Hi Robi Bobi, what do you mean with adjust? Removing the tire and putting it back?


deflate the tire, move it around on the rim so it can center itself out, then slowly inflate while turning the wheel by rolling it with a little bit of pressure over the ground. Take turns with inflating and rolling. Make sure you complete several revolutions of the wheel while rolling it on the ground.

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