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  1. cm16600

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Tsck uncentor, Vilken återförsäljare var det i Polen? mvh
  2. cm16600

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Hej, jag funderara att köpa en inmotion V10F eller kingsong18L , finns det återförsäljare i sverige? mvh chris
  3. cm16600

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    @Diana@szkingsong.com thank you for the support but i was actually riding the Euc so maybe it was 15 kph and then accelerate up to 25 until the wheel cut off.
  4. cm16600

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    I checked at home an when at rest the wheel was leaning forward 3 degrees. I calibrated it back to 0. Let's hope this was the reason to the cut off.
  5. cm16600

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    @Fitz0uille I did accelerate but not more than usual , it was a flat trail.
  6. cm16600

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    Got a cut off today on my way to work, resulting in a faceplant. I was riding at low speed talking to a Cyclist and when i took off after our conversation the EUC cut off maybe after 15meters when i was accelerating to get back to my regular crusing speed( average 25 km/H) I rode 700 km on my KS 16B and got 1.25 firmware since it got released. Yesterday unintentionalay i got into leveling calibrating mode and tried not to fiddle with it . I did dot noticed any difference today when i rode, so i do not know if it had any impact. I got really suprised to be thrown away from the EUC as i never ever had any issues before.
  7. cm16600

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    Sugru will shock proof sensitive areas.
  8. cm16600

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    Try Sugru, it is fantastic for repairs and will shock proof the sensitive areas of your wheel. Easy to apply and remove if needed. There is a receipe online to make your own for big quantities. I did it for my son hoverboard and it worked like charm. Buy the real thing if you need small quantities it is really worth it. https://sugru.com/about
  9. cm16600

    The Agony of Defeat with my Monster

    @jrkline,could you share on an other post how you did your mod and the wiring? i bet it would interest a lot of ks16 owners. Thanks in advance.
  10. Great Thanks , actually in the iOS app they changed Isn by serial nummer. Thanks a lot for your help.
  11. Is it the serial number for example 9A-C9-xxxxx ? thanks
  12. Hi, I had to reinstall the kingsong app on my IPhone. I am stuck now with 20 km max speed on my Ks 16 . i went to http://kingsongunlocker.github.io/ but I do not understand what I should do. I do not have an Isn number and do not manage to get the MAC address of the wheel. I only have my serial number. Can somebody knowledgeable give me a hand ? thanks.
  13. cm16600

    Kingsong firmware v1.25

    Did not notice any changes with BT connections. Green lights at idle, orange when riding. Does not bother me thought.
  14. That is really good news. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Thank you very much @Jack Frost, great job dealing directly with the engineer. Are you saying a new firmware is available today for upgrade on the ks16 ?