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Ninebot One C+ (in London/Kent)


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My Ninebot C+ is now on eBay following the resolution of the issues with my MSuper.

Auction starts at £250, but first offer of £400 will be enough for me to cancel the auction.  I'd rather it was collected from Kent or my work near St Pauls (I'm happy to jump on a tube for a few stops), I will post if need be, but only to the UK.

I bought it 3 months ago with 5km on the clock while I fixed my Free@man - I loved the big wheel (compared to my previous 14's), so much so that I decided the only logical upgrade was an MSuper !

There are some minor blemishes, and the right hand pad has a graze/hole (all caused by the previous owner) - Speedyfeet still have the bits, so this could be put back to "as good as new" for £35 (a new pad, 1 new cover).

Link to auction : http://r.ebay.com/EyrKtS







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Its a great wheel, but the lack of range (& partly lack of top speed) meant I went for the MSuper.....

I miss the professional looking app though of the Bot compared to the Gotway !

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So the wheel sells (for a low price, but hey ho), I go to put it back in the box, and the Handle literally shears off as I put it in ! :angry:

Watch this space - I'll be buying a new handle (& pad as I may as well tart it up if I'm spending money on it !) and re-listing.....


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Hi Guys,

Wheel is now back on eBay ending on Sunday evening.

Will take £350 plus postage to the UK to a forum member - sorry no overseas shipping.


Wheel now has a new handle, and a new pad (although will include the old pad in the box).

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