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  1. Would you ship to the UK ? I have a dead MSuper, so have batteries, but no wheel !
  2. For those that aren't on the Facebook page, I snapped the axle on my MSuper V2 just over 2 weeks ago (cutting most of the wires in the process !). After a lot of head scratching & broken tooling, a friend and I machined a new axle ! I reassembled & rewired the motor yesterday, but with the axle now in place, wires through the axle & wheel partly assembled (foot hangers in place), the wheel is still COMPLETELY locked up. I can just about turn the wheel 5 degrees using a LARGE spanner on the pedal hanger. My initial thought was that the covers were in the wrong place compare
  3. I know from experience in the UK postal companies won't pay on claims of damage on heavy items if bubble wrap is used - you need to use polystyrene of some sort - get a sheet from a TV or something big and fabricate your own? In the UK, Currys normally throw old packaging from TV's that are on display, so if you ask nicely they will probably give it to you for free.
  4. Hi Guys, Wheel is now back on eBay ending on Sunday evening. Will take £350 plus postage to the UK to a forum member - sorry no overseas shipping. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262878147867?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Wheel now has a new handle, and a new pad (although will include the old pad in the box).
  5. None of the above ! I've never ridden any wheel without my wrist protectors. Depending how cold it is, I then may wear neoprene finger-less gloves under them, and then motorbike gloved on top ! As I do a 10 mile commute most days on the MSuper (each way), over the winter, I've actually been wearing full motorbike gear - so padded trousers (with hip & knee pads), and a padded jacket, with elbow, shoulder & back padding. It's overkill, but it means if I do go down there shouldn't be too ,much risk of damage, and I've stayed lovely warm & dry !.
  6. I found your post about an hour ago Paddy from your trip in March. Good stuff - thank you !
  7. Has anyone taken a wheel on the Eurostar ? I'm off to Disneyland Paris in 2 weeks time (from the UK), and it's far easier to wheel to the station at my end than get a taxi - so I'm wondering - do I just take my wheel with me ? I'd probably take the Ninebot, rather than the MSuper as the trolley handle makes shuffling round public transport easier, but has anyone taken a wheel on the Eurostar - were they difficult about it ? If no one has - I'll pop down to the station on Saturday & speak to security ! TIA (thanks in advance)
  8. Ah yes - good thinking ! I'm thinking 12V cigarette lighter socket, and the car charger then knocks it down.
  9. Guys, having had my mobile die on me when out on the MSuper the other day, I'm wondering - is there anything stopping me adding a USB port to my MSuper ? Microworks sell a 60V to 12V convertor, and you can then buy 12V motorcycle (waterproof!) USB charge port. Ebay Link Microworks link Any reason not to install one ?
  10. Oily

    Handle snapped !

    Yup.... But its an excuse to buy a replacement pad & possible cover & make it look as good as new (& hopefully get my money back on the parts !) Neither the site I found or yours list UK shipping, so I'll have to make contact (but that you - the first one is $5 cheaper !). Ian will be convenient & faster, but his handles are twice the price of the US - decisions decisions !
  11. Oily

    Handle snapped !

    So, went to box up my Ninebot this morning as I've sold it, and the handle literally just sanpped off ! I know it's a fairly common issue, but I've found a company in the US that sell just the handle (rater than the blue bracket as well) for $30 - is it worth it, or do I just get the whole thing from Ian @ Speedyfeet & be done with it ? Thanks Olly
  12. So the wheel sells (for a low price, but hey ho), I go to put it back in the box, and the Handle literally shears off as I put it in ! Watch this space - I'll be buying a new handle (& pad as I may as well tart it up if I'm spending money on it !) and re-listing..... Olly
  13. Its a great wheel, but the lack of range (& partly lack of top speed) meant I went for the MSuper..... I miss the professional looking app though of the Bot compared to the Gotway !
  14. My Ninebot C+ is now on eBay following the resolution of the issues with my MSuper. Auction starts at £250, but first offer of £400 will be enough for me to cancel the auction. I'd rather it was collected from Kent or my work near St Pauls (I'm happy to jump on a tube for a few stops), I will post if need be, but only to the UK. I bought it 3 months ago with 5km on the clock while I fixed my Free@man - I loved the big wheel (compared to my previous 14's), so much so that I decided the only logical upgrade was an MSuper ! There are some minor blemishes, and the right hand pad has a gr
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