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Matters Needing Attention about the Maintenance of Electric air board

Lisny Abby

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The majority of riders tend to be troubled by the maintenance of the intelligent electric scooter. Don't worry. will offer you some tips for maintenance, including tire, battery, cleaning and storage etc.

Airwheel electric scooters are convenient transportation tools that facilitate people's daily travel, particularly welcomed by students and office workers for the convenience and premium performances, its small size, lightweight, and speed of up to 18km/h. With increasing popularity of self-balancing electric scooter, many people have experienced it, however, many do not know much about how to maintain the vehicle. electric scooter is here to provide some matters needing attention.


There is a high-voltage lithium battery pack is built-in. Please read carefully of the User Manual and obey the rules to use, store, transport and recycle. Do not touch the batter contacts. Do not open/puncher and avoid batter contacts to touch metals, or it may cause shortcut. Otherwise, the above behaviors may cause battery damage or casualties. Charge only using the original charger or it may cause damage/fire. Improper disposal of waste battery may cause serious environment pollution. Please abide by local laws and regulations. Do not dispose of it at random to protect environment.

Tire is most likely to be damaged so it is necessary to regularly check the tire. The user can shake along the axis of the tire to check its security. Besides, screw tightness must be checked regularly. Only with fixed inner structure can the electric walkcar travel safely and smoothly. Also, tire abrasion must be controlled strictly to guarantee travel safety.   

To clean the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, please make sure the electricity is cut off. Do not clean with running water. Instead, you can wipe with soft cloth. Whatever the method is, make sure water does not flow into the inner structure of the vehicle.
Please store the electric scooter or e bike in the dry and airy place if not used. Charge it every three month. Do not put it in wet and airtight place or the battery and the main control panel will be wet.

Please contact after-sales if problems appear in time. intelligent electric scooter will be guaranteed for one year, except the batteries and other consumable items. If there are some aging or malfunctioning problems, please update the components to ensure security and stability. For specific info, find its User Manual or contact its staff directly.


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