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  1. now we release about repair videos at youtube.
  2. Now our products become more than before, if the updated electric unicycle will give a notice.
  3. now, Airwheel new scooters and ebikes all have APP, like Z5 R5 Z8 and so on. you can download APP from official site http://www.airwheel.net/home/app
  4. The majority of riders tend to be troubled by the maintenance of the intelligent electric scooter. Don't worry. will offer you some tips for maintenance, including tire, battery, cleaning and storage etc. Airwheel electric scooters are convenient transportation tools that facilitate people's daily travel, particularly welcomed by students and office workers for the convenience and premium performances, its small size, lightweight, and speed of up to 18km/h. With increasing popularity of self-balancing electric scooter, many people have experienced it, however, many do not know much about how to maintain the vehicle. electric scooter is here to provide some matters needing attention. ①Battery There is a high-voltage lithium battery pack is built-in. Please read carefully of the User Manual and obey the rules to use, store, transport and recycle. Do not touch the batter contacts. Do not open/puncher and avoid batter contacts to touch metals, or it may cause shortcut. Otherwise, the above behaviors may cause battery damage or casualties. Charge only using the original charger or it may cause damage/fire. Improper disposal of waste battery may cause serious environment pollution. Please abide by local laws and regulations. Do not dispose of it at random to protect environment. ②Tire Tire is most likely to be damaged so it is necessary to regularly check the tire. The user can shake along the axis of the tire to check its security. Besides, screw tightness must be checked regularly. Only with fixed inner structure can the electric walkcar travel safely and smoothly. Also, tire abrasion must be controlled strictly to guarantee travel safety. ③Cleaning To clean the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, please make sure the electricity is cut off. Do not clean with running water. Instead, you can wipe with soft cloth. Whatever the method is, make sure water does not flow into the inner structure of the vehicle. ④Storage Please store the electric scooter or e bike in the dry and airy place if not used. Charge it every three month. Do not put it in wet and airtight place or the battery and the main control panel will be wet. Please contact after-sales if problems appear in time. intelligent electric scooter will be guaranteed for one year, except the batteries and other consumable items. If there are some aging or malfunctioning problems, please update the components to ensure security and stability. For specific info, find its User Manual or contact its staff directly.
  5. ELECTRONIC MANUAL MARS ROVER User Manual Airwheel Intelligent Pioneer This manual includes safety use instructions. Please make sure this manual is read through and fully understood before use. Dwonload from www.airwheel.net/home/manual www.airwheel.net/home/manual.
  6. Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing 2016 On the spot of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, Jules Cluzel has a close interaction with Airwheel intelligent balance scooter.
  7. Every industry needs to follow the law of market economy, among which there are similarities, of course. Intelligent trip mode is no exception. Down the ages, it is imperative that emerging industry summarize the experience gained by the fully mature sector and then apply to itself. EU28 Bicycle market 2000-2014 However important the role of cars play, bicycle, with the longest history and the most abundant modality is still the principal mode of transport. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century in Europe and as of 2003, more than 1 billion have been produced worldwide, twice as many as the number of automobiles that have been produced. The following picture expounds on a modern bike’s every single part among which the transmission gear tops the rank. We will start from the bicycle to analyze the status quo and development of the two-wheeled vehicles. As early as 1790, Sivrac, a French person invented the most primitive bike, with two wheels and without transmission gears. Until 1886, Stahly, a Britain mechanical engineer made a new bicycle, inaugurating the mass production and development of bike era. The following shows different bike modality in different times. Over a century’s evolution, the functions of bicycle have been enriched, from the commuting tool to fitness, matches and performance etc. 70% of the bicycle is used as a means of transport, 29% is used for leisure, 1% for sports events, bicycle experts say. For instance, the public bike rental service is pervasive global wide to facilitate the short-distance travel. In Britain where bicycle rental industry is well-developed especially in London, individuals can send message to rent bike. In France, the “Velib”, a self-help bike renting service is available 24h/per day and provides multi-language service. In Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, there are free urban bike rental service that is sponsored by private businesses through which they print their logos and promote its products, a win-win strategy. The following photo is urban cyclists in Copenhagen at a traffic light. In the bike sector, the transmission gears have reached its peak and it is very challenging to make a breakthrough in the riding principle. Technological innovation is specially needed for mature industry. Many large-medium cities have experienced rapid expansion. Hence, the bicycle, limited to short-distance travel is under great pressure because of the road right of motor vehicles. For another, in the fast-paced society, the bicycle, labor-intensive and slowish is losing its competitiveness gradually. The further development of bicycle will involve a market segmentation, in a direction of specialization and industrialization, Airwheel thinks.
  8. A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. With the popularity of the smartphones, a greater variety of Apps have been invented to meet the growing demands of the users. As the leader in the global portable intelligent transport industry, Airwheel has been dedicated to finding logical means to extend fun through mobility throughout the world. The Airwheel A3 not only inaugurated the sitting posture self-balancing scooter era, but also firstly introduced the mobile App. The built-in intelligent chip collects all the data of the vehicle which are transmitted wirelessly to the smart phone where calculations and analysis are made by Airwheel APP and the visual data feedback is shown to the user in real-time. Mobile apps are first tested within the development environment using emulators and later subjected to field testing. Mobile user interface (UI) Design is also essential considering constraints and contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design which is primarily for an understandable, user-friendly interface. The latest product Airwheel S8 makes a stride in the mobile App. In addition to the previous functions, the App of Airwheel S8 is able to build a community for riders to share the joy of riding with the whole world Airwheel scooter lovers. And the user-friendly interface cannot ignored too. One key to connect, clear at a glance. Specific details are as follows. How do the riders download the Airwheel App? There are two ways to download the Airwheel App, either via the http://www.airwheel.net/home/app or find Airwheel in the App store (limited to Apple). It supports the smart phones with Android 4.3 or higher, IOS 7.0 or higher How to search and connect Airwheel and learn the other info? After stalling the Airwheel App, you need to confirm the Bluetooth is active. Then open the App to find the search page. Open the switch of S8, press the A key in the remote control, click the wireless icon, and operate as the steps to connect (Verify Password: 11111111). Then you can interact with your scooter via the App. What are the main functions of Airwheel App? On the main screen, current speed, mileage and scooter status are displayed and we can lock device and turn on/off lights easily by tapping the screen. Drawing out the sidebar, we can check information about battery, speed, mileage, voltage, attitude, help & support. The App is endowed with GPS function for you to check locations and track traveling path. Of course, we can change wallpapers of the APP and set speed limit and headlights according to personal requirement. It is worth noting all Airwheel products have passed the level calibration through the dedicated device. If necessary to calibrate, please ensure you are under professional’s guidance, in case of maloperation. Back to the App of Airwheel S8, why is it called an upgraded App? When the phone connecting the network, click the Cycling track, the current location and traveling path can be learnt. Click the Discovery, we will find the photos and wonderful videos from the Airwheel fans in the globe. And click Community, riders are able to enter its official community where they can have technical exchange and daily life sharing etc. Of course, the above introduction is far more enough. The App is not an auxiliary, but an assistant to achieve a better riding experience. It is believed that the IM social system enabling riders to interact and share with each other will not let you down.
  9. The development of self-balancing electric scooters enrich its varieties, ranging from electric unicycle, twin-wheeled electric scooter to 2-wheeled electric scooter. Some find it difficult to learn and some complain they feel fatigued in a single riding posture after a long time. Airwheel, a leading global intelligent vehicles solution provider launched the latest product S8, electric scooter with seat breaking such limitations. The following pays attention to its unique operation mode. Conventional riding posture Since the emergence of self-balancing electric scooters, the standing up electric scooters predominate the market and the sort of saddle-equipped scooter is seldom seen. Riders control the scooter to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. The built-in smart sensors will respond to the change of gravity center accurately to ensure a smooth riding experience. It seems simple, yet cool enough that requires a high balancing skill. By contrast, the sitting posture self-balancing scooter is easier to learn with lower gravity center, compared with the electric standing scooter. However, riders easily feel tired and tedious either in sitting posture or standing posture. Multi-ride mode Multi-ride mode refers to one electric scooter is endowed with 2 or 2+ riding postures that can be changed in accordance with actual needs. Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system transforming the two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to achieve the purpose of either standing or sitting to ride. The superiorities of Airwheel S8 with multi-ride mode The superiorities of Airwheel S8 with multi-ride mode can be analyzed from the following two aspects. 1) Learn to creep before you walk, learn to sit ride before you stand to ride. Sitting to ride is much easier to keep balance. When green hands have mastered the skills in sitting posture, they will feel no pressure to stand to control it. Actually, the sitting riding period serves as the interim for beginners to acclimatize themselves to this novel vehicle. 2)dual alternative=more application scenarios It is inevitable to feel exhausted in the ride. Have a seat to rest and go forward at the same time is a desirable choice. To feel the Fast & Furious, standing to ride will satisfy you. Either way, riding comfort and enjoyment are guaranteed. To conclude, the multi-ride mode empowers Airwheel S8 to better cope with the possible situations in the riding process, indicating it will be a potential blockbuster in the intelligent vehicles solution.
  10. We all have our favorite way of riding, maybe some of like stand or sit scooter, so, also more useful, is not it?
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