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MSuper ride setting


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I asked this at the end of an existing thread on a different topic, but it probably deserves its own thread.

Just curious - what ride setting do you all like who have a Gotway MSuper V2.  Via the app, there are three selections - Soft, Comfort, and Madden. I weigh 90kg and have the MSuper set at Comfort, which feels OK, but still a little soft I think. I'll probably go to the stiffest setting (Madden) because of my weight. Curious what others who have the MSuper have theirs set at.




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I have the Msuper V3, and I use both Comfort and powerful (as its called on the V3 app).

Use Comfort for cruising and on bumpy roads/trails, powerful for more race riding and steep hills (up and down).

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