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An upgraded Gotway MSuper 2 ?


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On 3.8.2016 at 8:05 AM, sbouju said:

Just seen on aliexpress...


I've seen this also. Don't expect to be true. If Gotway would sell a PCB with tweaked firmware and the BT4/LE support some would change their boards in the MSuper. 

In the right down corner it say MCM App. Which points to the newer App (Gotway 1.0) which you can install on the iPhone and uses BT4/ LE (should be GATT protocol (GATT AT commands). So if they don't lie/ have unproper specs they use a BT4 module. You can plug the MCM4 BT module instead on the port. Not sure if it works. It's worth to try it, they're cheap.

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On 3.8.2016 at 8:17 AM, sbouju said:

I was thinking of something true with partial improvements, but just for a limited time, like MCM3...?

I would buy an improved BT4/ LE PCB immediately. I asked @Jane Mo in a PN/ Wechat some time ago and I think she said no.

Have someone measured/ sniffed the protocol an the Rx/ Tx between old BT2 (SPP) and newer BT4/ LE (GATT) boards? Is the protocol nearly the same and only the BT module as a stand alone part is doing the GATT and whatever BT protocol stuff?

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