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IPS Zero: LED's broken


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After tearing down my IPS Zero and putting it back together some LEDs of my IPS Zero stopped working (one LED strip was working and only one LED was working of the other LED strip (both LED strips on the same side, on the other side all LEDs were working correctly)), so I decided to check the connectors of the LEDs. I thought they were not making contact, but this was not the case. I checked if the problem still existed when I plugged in the connector upside down, but of course this was a stupid idea. The colors of the wires are not the same if I connect it upside down and now no LEDs are working anymore on both sides. :(

Does somebody here know how I can fix this? Is there a fuse I can find somewhere or is something burnt because of my action?
It's not the LED strip that is broken I think, as both LED strips on both sides are not working anymore and I just connected the connector of the LED strips of one side incorrectly.

Please have a look to the pictures attached to see about which connector I am talking.

I really hope someone here can help me!



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Hi @Nicholas, I'll try to get some details on your issue and get back to you. Since you reversed the connections you might have broken the LED strips but you need to test that. As your original problem I was thinking of a firmware update as I had encountered something similar before but you said after opening it which makes me think that a firmware update cannot be of help.

Will get back to you when I get more details

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Your first picture just loaded now (Was kind of impressed by the 400+views this post without a reply attracted) Do I see a black dot on the top red cable? can you check there is continuity there on that cable?

Also the third clip (Always from top and actually all first 3) seems not to be fully inserted in the plug, can you see if you can push a bit the third cable in so it will align? I'm suspecting that the cables were not doing a good contact


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