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  1. @IPS Malta Do you have any idea how to fix this?
  2. Hi, After tearing down my IPS Zero and putting it back together some LEDs of my IPS Zero stopped working (one LED strip was working and only one LED was working of the other LED strip (both LED strips on the same side, on the other side all LEDs were working correctly)), so I decided to check the connectors of the LEDs. I thought they were not making contact, but this was not the case. I checked if the problem still existed when I plugged in the connector upside down, but of course this was a stupid idea. The colors of the wires are not the same if I connect it upside down and now no LEDs are working anymore on both sides. Does somebody here know how I can fix this? Is there a fuse I can find somewhere or is something burnt because of my action? It's not the LED strip that is broken I think, as both LED strips on both sides are not working anymore and I just connected the connector of the LED strips of one side incorrectly. Please have a look to the pictures attached to see about which connector I am talking. I really hope someone here can help me!
  3. They see a EUC as a bicycle and you may not use a bicycle in the train station, so you may not use a EUC in the train station as well. Two guys were really annoyed by us (I was unicycling with a friend), but the boss (the third guy was the chef of the train station) was a friendly guy and told us we cannot use it in the train station. I don't think they can give you a fine, as by Belgian law you are a pedestrian if you drive slow enough, but if you want to avoid troubles, don't do it.
  4. As Belgium is very small, I'm sure I'll meet one of you someday. In Ostend I already met a lot of unicyclers, some people even multiple times. I noticed that EUC's are a lot more popular at the sea side, because it's handy to ride at the dikes. In other cities I never came across other unicyclers. I am already riding a EUC for half a year now and I notice that people are getting used to see EUC's on the street. In the beginning I was stopped by a lot of pedestrians, police officers, ... out of curiosity and they all wanted to try riding it. Now I only see some people staring and sometimes I get a thumbs up, but I am not stopped very often anymore. Now it is possible to use a EUC as a quick transport method. In the beginning I was faster if I walked because then I wasn't stopped by people every five minutes. @Jurgen If you ride your EUC in Antwerp, don't try to ride it in the Antwerp train station. I once did it and after a while three security guys were chasing me.
  5. I'm using the unlocked app, so I do not have this problem. Maybe you can better use the unlocked version too?
  6. @Supersmi Not everyone does that I like every big city, but I do not come to Ghent very often (maybe twice a month or so). I only once used my EUC there. @Jug Indeed, Molenbeek has not the best reputation nowadays. I don't mind this reputation, but if I come to Brussels, it's more the center of Brussels (La rue neuve, la Bourse etc.) Normally I would have came to Brussels tomorrow to see the fireworks, but I heard that they cancelled it, because they are afraid of terror attacks... @Jurgen I see you are from Mechelen. Maybe I'll meet you someday there, because I come a lot to Mechelen with my EUC.
  7. A lot of people from Belgium here! From which city are you Supersmi, Jurgen and Jug? I'm from Antwerp, but I ride my IPS Zero all over the country (Antwerp, Brussels, Ostend, Li├Ęge, ...) so maybe we'll meet someday!
  8. So if I understand this correctly, I will probably be able to take my IPS Zero 340Wh on a plane too? The cells are also blue I think and they can't see how many Wh the battery is with the scanner?
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