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Different NB1E Pedal Angle vs Roll Angle Calibration


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I finally pulled out my new Flame Edition NB! E+ for a ride. I made sure all of the settings were almost exact to my other NB1E+ which included roll and pitch calibrations, somatosensory settings (3), and tire pressures (40PSI). 

The Roll angle on the 'white' NB was very close .73 degrees (almost 0 degrees)  and on the Flame NB edition is was 0 degrees. I then check the pedal  fore and aft angles using a specialize tool for scoliosis called a scoliometer.  Interestingly there was a huge difference in pedal angle degrees between the two. The white NB pedal angles measured 3 degrees' forward tilt' where the 'Flame' measured a backward or negative 1 1/2 degrees tilt. That is a difference of 4 1/2 degrees. 

On my initial ride yesterday of the Flame NB  it felt really slow until I leaned way forward to pick up speed. The white NB is a gentle lean.I found this to be an interesting comparison. Are there any specific + or - error tolerances for the Pitch and Roll angles?





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I have noticed that the forward and back calibration is not usually exactly accurate.   You might need to calibrate a couple times to get it where you like it.  Just my opinion...

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