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Video - Recovering a dead battery

John Eucist

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On 13 June 2016 at 7:12 PM, John Eucist said:

Wonder if it works on all eucs since they all have regenerative braking.

I certainly hope not!

That video would suggest the battery has discharged so far it is refusing to take a charge. Regenerative braking would force a charge into them upping the voltage until the charger starts to work. If that is the case with Lithium Ion cells the damage would be permanent for at least some cells if they had become over discharged.

Any attempt to recover them would be risky (risk of faceplant due to unpredictable battery behaviour, very increased internal resistance resulting in some or all cells getting hot under load, etc.).

The EUC's electronics should have prevented the batteries ever getting that low in the first place unless the user flattened the battery and then left it for a very long time (I would guess more than 6-12months) in a discharged state.

Finally, the Solowheel uses LiFePO4 cells, these can be discharged a lot deeper than LiIon and still recover OK, although if the wheel lets the user discharge the cells so far that they won't take a charge it is an appallingly poor design..

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